Demographic Data Providers

Demographic Data refers to knowledge about segments of people who are categorized by certain characteristics like age, gender, nationality, or home location. Other attributes for this data type might include marital status, income, or occupation. Demographics are often used by companies to understand larger audiences better and customize their offerings accordingly.

216 data providers available

Logo of AnalyticsIQ data provider.


AnalyticsIQ is an offline marketing data creator and predictive analytics innovator. We are the first data company to consistently blend ...

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Real-Time Market Data and Analysis for the Telecom Industry Using proprietary data methodologies, Comlinkdata can observe the behavior...

Logo of Acxiom data provider.


Harnessing big data about real consumers to use for recognition, targeting, and measurement

Logo of Complementics data provider.


Complementics has SDK derived data from more than 1 billion unique global devices and focuses on the following: 1. Geolocation- raw f...

Logo of adality data provider.


adality as a 3rd party data provider enables you to use anonymized insights about internet users for your online marketing. We offer y...

Logo of StartApp SODA data provider.

StartApp SODA

StartApp is a mobile media and 1st party data company that enables partners to turn data into fulfilling mobile moments. By creating inno...

Logo of Sirdata data provider.


Sirdata is a self-service, third party data-collecting platform that specializes in the collection of behavioural data, predictive target...