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Firmographic data or firmographics is a data type that offers descriptive characteristics about companies. It is widely applied among B2B companies to enrich their CRM database of clients and prospects with an additional set of information about their targets (similar to what demographic data is used for in the B2C space).

We’ve compiled an overview of the vendors offering firmographics. You can use the list to find and compare the sources during your data hunt.

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Learn more about Firmographic Data

The main purpose of firmographic data is to make marketing and sales efforts of B2B companies more effective and is therefore involved in several master data and data analytics use cases. Enriching existing information about clients and prospects with additional firmographic data attributes does not only yield a more holistic understanding of a targeted company, but also facilitates granular customer segmentation, and in its aggregation, also provides a better understanding of a target market as a whole.

These are the 10 most common data attributes for Firmographic Data:

  • 1) Industry (categories, classification codes: NAIS, SIC, GICS )
  • 2) Location (addresses, geo coordinates)
  • 3) Size (by revenue, by employees, by sites)
  • 4) Financial (sales, profits, credit rating)
  • 5) Structure (headquarters, company parents and subsidiary tree)
  • 6) Descriptions (company, sales cycles, customer focus)
  • 7) Technographics (software in use)
  • 8) Decision Maker Names ( C-level contacts)
  • 9) Social Media Handles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook profile URLs)
  • 10) Identifiers (LEI-codes, IP address, domain, data vendor numbers)

Top 5 Use Cases of Firmographic Data

  • Enrich CRM data with up-to-date firmographic information
  • Develop master data management solutions for account-level data
  • Build Account Based Marketing (ABM) and advertising solutions
  • Activate advanced B2B analytics and data science initiatives
  • Target custom B2B audiences through online advertising

Sources and data collection

This data type can be sourced from:

  • Trusted governmental sources such as company houses, national tax departments, chambers of commerce
  • Public sources such as a company’s website, social media profiles or Crunchbase/ Angellist
  • Digital footprints of a company such as their IP-address ranges, installed front end technologies or email domains
  • Firmographic data aggregation companies (data vendors) that are providing this information in a convenient and scalable way - especially for private companies and SME-sized businesses