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Esports data refers to all data generated from virtual sports and video gaming events, tournaments, and championships that occur on a regional or international level where both amateur and professional players and gamers compete against each other. Esports data usually includes scores, statistics, and real-time event data from ongoing games.

Today, almost 1 billion people across the globe are already following and watching video game tournaments. This is leading to an everincreasing number of live esports events, esports data, and also more audience data on the people interested in esports, all accesible via API’s.

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Esport API

Data provider for websites collecting and relaying Esports results to the smallest details ... best possible manner. Categories: Esports Data Operational Countries

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Stockholm based B2B esports company gathering, enriching and distributing engaging data and statistics. We help ... match events and statistics. Categories: Esports Data Operational Countries

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PandaScore is the esports data and odds provider. We collect real-time data about competitive ... their business with our products! Categories: Esports Data Operational Countries

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lifetime value, and revenues. Customers use our data to evaluate their performance, identify key growth ... makers, and payment service providers. Categories: Esports Data Operational Countries