Microgeographic Data Providers

Microgeographic Data is the utmost granular category of Geospatial Data. In other words, it refers to location data at its smallest scale. This data type can help identify things such as characteristics of buildings, consumer’s living situations or insights about their leisure time activities.

8 data providers available

Logo of X-Mode data provider.


Our goal is to create a living map for your life. We are building the infrastructure of tomorrow by understanding the places we go today. Wi...

Logo of adality data provider.


adality as a 3rd party data provider enables you to use anonymized insights about internet users for your online marketing. We offer you ...

Logo of Salesify  data provider.


Salesify is a six-time INC. 5000 ranked company and recipient of several other peer and industry accolades. Salesify helps sales and marketi...

Logo of microm Consumer Marketing data provider.

microm Consumer Marketing

Since 1985, The ARC has assisted a variety of organizations in the design, development, and delivery of financial software applications. Ou...

Logo of Semcasting data provider.


Semcasting is an innovator in B2B and B2C data marketing solutions for agencies and brands. We offer a new approach to the management of big...

Logo of Locomizer data provider.


Locomizer Ltd is an award winning global leader in the application of biological science and spatial analytics to help classify multiple dif...

Logo of Adello data provider.


Adello delivers exceptional accuracy in audience targeting through award-winning deep learning technology and self-improving campaigns. Adel...

Logo of Bungeetech data provider.


The Bungee platform navigates a sea of ever-changing impediments that limits data acquisition from public sources – even those reputed to be...