Data Postings

Bamboo distributors worldwide
Posted about 17 hours ago User hidden

Hi,We are looking for bamboo distributors' contacts worldwide.Thanks!

B2B firmographic data India
Posted 6 days ago User hidden

We are interested in B2B data of companies in India ITES companies with more than 500 + employees New age companies Large manufacturing plants Personalised official email ids Locations : Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad ,

B2C Contact Data - Belgium
Posted 6 days ago User hidden

Hi, we urgently need a database for B2C Contact Data for Belgium with name, lastname, email, adress, zip, phone. We are looking to buy this data regularly

Global Location Data
Posted 8 days ago User hidden

Looking for location data globally. Prefer US and EU (GDPR compliant). But open to worldwide.

App Download Data on Stingray App
Posted about 1 month ago User hidden

Happy to receive offers or recommendations on who might supply app download data of the Stingray Music Streaming app from GooglePlay & App Store.

B2C Contact Information Data for GER / USA / GBR / FRA
Posted about 1 month ago User hidden

Good day!Want to buy the following data for conducting telephone-based market research on consumersConsumer Contact Data* Name & phone number* HHI below 15k USD* +18 years* Markets: GER / GBR / FRA / USA* Amount: starting with ~4K leads per marketExcel file delivery is sufficient

Social Media Data for South Africa
Posted about 1 month ago User hidden

Anyone who can get in touch or recommend vendors of South Africa / Middle East social media data? Key-words (FMCG-related) will be provided right after getting in touch with me. Thanks for helping out.

Spanish Consumer Location Data
Posted about 1 month ago User hidden

For our footfall analytics & targeting business cases, we are looking to procure consumer's location data from a new strategic partner (mobile device location data). We'd be happy to source for all major cities in Spain. Long term partnership is preferred.

Company Data / Firmographic Data for Argentina
Posted about 1 month ago User hidden

Happy to receive messages from sources of company information on businesses based in Argentina. We'd need employee numbers and the latest revenue figures. Thanks for getting in touch.

ISP availibility data at a household-level in the contiguous US
Posted 3 months ago User hidden

We want to understand what internet service providers (ISP) are availble for each household in the US (not only the one that is currently used).