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Medical imagery data of the iris for medical device engineering
Posted 4 months ago User hidden

We typically approach hospitals directly which is not scalable anymore. Any health data providers or marketplaces recommended?

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Maritime vessel data (globally)
Posted 4 months ago User hidden

Anyone knows where to source international vessel data, shipping data, sea fright cargo data from?

European electricity pricing data (API)
Posted 5 months ago User hidden

We'd be interested in a realtime pricing data source that aggregates european energy provider rates.

Hospitality & Catering B2B Leads in in Africa
Posted 6 months ago User hidden

Company size: 150-5000

Class-action lawsuit data in the US
Posted 7 months ago User hidden

We're looking for reliable data sources on class-action lawsuits in the United States.

B2B decision maker data in the Middle East & Africa
Posted 9 months ago User hidden

I need contact data for B2B decision makers in Israel, Morocco, South Africa, Algeria, Egypt, and Pakistan. It's important for me to understand how the data was collected, especially with regards to GDPR-compliance.

Firmographic company data (annual revenue, number of employees, etc.) in Asia and LATAM
Posted 9 months ago User hidden

We're looking for high-quality firmographic data sources for companies located in Vietnam, Philippines, India, Guatemala, and Panama.

Annotated text conversations data training sets
Posted about 1 year ago User hidden

To improve our conversational AI / machine learning, we're looking for annotated conversations to train our NN. Looking forward to the replies!