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Consumers (B2C)

A dataset by Every Market Media
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Email First Name Last Name Phone +12 more
1 [email protected] JOHN JOHNSON 2147483647 ...
2 [email protected] JOHN JOHNSON 2147483647 Sample
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Consumers (B2C)


569 million Total Consumers with Unique Emails
344 million Unique Emails with Registration Information
280 million Unique Emails with EONM, Name, Postal with At Least Directional
274 million Valid Unique Emails with EONM, Name
166 million Valid Unique Emails with EONM, Name, CASS+NCOA Postal

Use Cases


North America (1)
United States of America


Data Attributes

Attribute Example Description
Email [email protected] Associated Email Address
First Name JOHN Contacts First Name
Last Name JOHNSON Contact Last Name
Phone 2147483647 Directly associated Phone Number
Gender M- Male, F-Female Contacts Gender
DOB 12/31/1969 Contacts Date of Birth
Ethnicity Italian Contacts given ethnicity
Income Range $75,000 - $99,999 Estimated household income range
Occupation Accountant Job function or discipline
Own Rent own, rent Whether they own or rent their place of residence
Website Source Opt-in website/contact source
Registration Date 3/29/2010 Date the contact signed up their information on the Website Source
Address 293 AUTUMN RUN Physical Street Address 1/HQ Street Address
City HOUSTON City / Town
State CA State
Zip 60701 ZIP / Postal Code

Product Description

Our consumer (B2C) email database contains more than 569 million opt-in, permission based email records with just over 200 million deliverable email addresses. 151 million of our records have NCOA and CASS quality postal while another 103 million have partial postal with at least a street name, city, state and zip. Our database is licensed by leading email marketing firms, research teams and information services businesses. EMM has manually reviewed over 7,500 source URL's to give a UCR (URL Compliance Review) status on our consumer records. These statuses allow you to select the records with the compliance practices that best align with your marketing application. We can now exclude certain data for your direct marketing applications, while preserving it for your matching/analysis applications. Refine specifically for your application by starting with a offline request. Popular segmentation criteria include: • Gender • Age • Income • Web activity / interests • Ethnic group • Geography How EMM'S consumer database can help you grow: • Responsive, permission based data from real websites and affiliate marketers, continuously updated opt-in information • Use sign up history, date and category to select consumers who might be interested in offers like yours • Available with major bureau overlays for access to thousands of popular direct mail segments • Upload to social media or DMP's as a custom audience • Do it yourself marketer? Use our data with your ESP, tailored to their specs. More info for DIY'ers on our FAQ page ( Additional B2B selects available on B2C data through Linkkey data cards. Available online through EMMquery Q1'2021, currently available through professional services only. Contact us for dictionaries or counts on specific segments. Net name available. Licensing available. Hassle free replacement of failure guarantee with email transmission log / hygiene report.

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Small Business
Medium-sized Business


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Revenue share Not available


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