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INRIX Historical Traffic Information

A dataset by INRIX
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INRIX Historical Traffic Information

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6 years of past data available

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Historical Speed Archive To understand both recurring congestion levels and examine how traffic responded to specific events, INRIX offers our Historical Archive. INRIX calculates the speed on each section of the roadway on a one-minute cycle. These results are then archived, providing a running one-minute record of speeds system wide. Data fields provided are the same as detailed in the Real Time Traffic Flow product. The INRIX Historical Archive allows analysts to examine specific days/times at the individual segment, corridor, or regional level. Utilizing INRIX’s granular XD segment definitions, the historical archive includes minute-by-minute data beginning January 2014 across the roadway network in over 60+ countries worldwide, including the City-Region-State. The archive is provided either as a data file or as a hosted service within the INRIX Roadway Analytics platform, which is a Web-based service that allows easy visualization of the data via graphs of many industry standard performance measures. (INRIX Roadway Analytics is discussed in further detail below.) The platform is loaded with a City-Region-State dataset running from January 1, 2014, to the present, providing quick access to this historical data.


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