QueXopa - Credit Card Transactional Data (Mexico)

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Credit Card Transaction Data

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Product Type
Dataset / Database / Data Feed / Data API
Historic Data
3 years of past data available
250K accounts, 5M transactions

Geo Coverage


North America (1)


Description: Credit Card Transactional Data (Mexico)

Product Details: +250k accounts / +5 million transactions (Dec ‘19 monthly) - Wide Variation of metro area locations Mex City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, etc.

Frequency: Monthly Reporting (Daily in Q2 2020)

History: May 2017 to Present

Delivery Latency: 24 hours from reporting date

Delivery Method: .CSV, .XLS, API

Regions / Country: Mexico Latin America

Data Variables:
Transaction_ID, User_ID, Institution, Card_Type, Card_Brand, Date, Date_Created, Transaction_Amount, Description, Category, City_Location, Lat_Long_Location

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