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Ratings of U.S. Banks Operational Efficiency & Business Quality

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Operational Efficiency Business Quality SampleHead SampleHead
1 78.3 (0 to 100 rating) 78.3 (0 to 100 rating) Value Value
2 78.3 (0 to 100 rating) 78.3 (0 to 100 rating) Value Value
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Ratings of U.S. Banks Operational Efficiency & Business Quality


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Data Attributes

Attribute Example Description
Operational Efficiency 78.3 (0 to 100 rating) how much "bang for the buck" banks get from their investment in operations
Business Quality 78.3 (0 to 100 rating) the quality of the book of business of each bank for maximizing profit


10 years of past data available

Product Description

Efficiency and Quality Ratings are an evaluation of how well a financial institution (bank or insurer) uses it resources to achieve profitable results through being operationally efficient and/or building a quality business portfolio. The evaluation is based upon Efficient Frontier Analysis that identifies the most operationally efficient firms and those with the best portfolios of business for maximizing profit. What sets Hoeg & Company’s Ratings apart from other measures of business efficiency and quality is that they take into account the nature of each financial institution’s underlying book of business in determining operational efficiency. Data from financial statements issued by banks (call reports) and insurers (statutory financial statements) to regulators (FDIC & State Departments of Insurance) is used in our analysis to assure integrity and consistency. The data is analyzed to determine how well the resources of each entity are used to acquire customers, provide service and manage operations. In addition, the analysis indicates those business portfolios that best facilitate maximizing profitability and contribute to financial strength. The analysis is based on the “efficient frontier” concept used in investment portfolio theory to identify best performance in investment management. Companies are compared to the best performance level in their industry segment for how effectively and efficiently they manage their core business. Hoeg & Company transforms complex financial data into focused, accurate and actionable business information about financial institutions. Clients get a precise set of measures of how efficiently and effectively each firm in a selected industry segment operates. What makes Hoeg & Company Ratings different from other bank & insurance ratings and benchmarks? TRUE BENCHMARK – Banks and insurers are scored with a precise set of measures where each rating is unique, rather than being grouped into a few broad bands. The method employed to evaluate performance reveals both best actual performance and best possible market performance. Competitors with similar business portfolios can be distinguished on the basis of efficiency. Firms that more effectively acquire and manage business can be distinguished from less effective competitors. CORE BUSINESS FOCUSED - Hoeg & Company Ratings are a reflection of the performance of an insurer or bank’s core business operations. Most financial institutions’ ratings are primarily focused on the asset to liability balance of the company. This is important to know, but understanding the operational quality of a company can give an earlier warning of potential financial strength problems for an insurer or bank. EARLIER WARNING - If assets are being wasted through inefficiency or ineffective business, it will be seen in the operational performance of a company before it impacts the firm's assets. Hoeg & Company Ratings measure the operational performance of banks and insurers to show those that are wasting assets before significant damage occurs. COMPLETELY OBJECTIVE - Hoeg & Company ratings are completely objective measures of insurer or bank performance. Other rating services introduce subjective, although expert, opinions about company performance. Hoeg & Company ratings are based entirely on quantitative measures and analysis and could be used to improve subjective analyses. COMPLETE INDEPENDENCE - Hoeg & Company Ratings are completely independent of bank and insurer influence. Other ratings approaches incorporate input from the evaluated firms in evaluating their performance. CYCLE INDEPENDENT - The impact of industry and economic cycles has been eliminated from the Hoeg & Company’s measures of efficiency and quality. Multi-year comparisons and trending analyses are straightforward and reliable. COMPETITIVE CAPABILITIES - Hoeg & Company Ratings reflect true competitive advantage or weakness in terms of acquiring, servicing and managing business. Ratings geared toward asset based measures, while valuable, do not specifically indicated strength in the core competitive capabilities and functions of an entity’s business.

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