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VISIT Local - OOH Attribution + Audiences based on Location Data

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VISIT Local - OOH Attribution + Audiences based on Location Data

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VISIT Local provides location-based analytics, audiences and attribution through an easy-to-use and powerful software interface. VISIT Local is designed to be used by marketers at agencies, brands and OOH companies. **Walk into Meetings with New Audience Targeting Data** VISIT Local’s foot traffic analytics provides reporting that’s built specifically for digital sales teams to bring into client meetings. These reports provide a simple way to help clients visualize who visits their locations, competitive locations, and retail foot traffic over time. Reveal Mobile is CCPA compliant. **Easily Build, Geotarget and Deliver Audiences** VISIT Local is an easy to use and powerful solution for creating geotargeting and geoconquesting campaigns. What sets it apart is the product’s flexibility and customizability. Flexible – Use location data where you need it most. With VISIT Local, you are not locked into any single system. Push your custom audiences to social media, demand-side platforms, audience marketplaces, or export it to the platform of your choice. Customizable – VISIT Local works for you. You have full control over date ranges, without being limited to 30 or 60 day look-back periods. You can also create custom places, draw your own geofenced polygons, and scale nationwide to reach local audiences. **Attribution: Build Trust & Earn Repeat Business** VISIT Local’s foot traffic attribution reporting creates new ways to engage with clients during and after campaigns. Clients embrace this transparency and insight, building more trust and earning repeat business. Our attribution provides an effective viewpoint into measuring online to real-world campaign effectiveness.


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