Logo of adsquare Data Alliance data provider.
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Below you can find the platforms adsquare Data Alliance currently integrates with. By exploring the platforms you are able to discover other data providers based on their integration profiles. This ultimately helps you identify platforms that cooperate with a great variety of Demographic Data, Interest Data, and Brand Affinity Data providers you might wish to work with.

Logo of MediaMath platform.


Marketers need to serve the right creative and message to...
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Logo of adsquare platform.


adsquare is the neutral mobile data exchange, bringing to...
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Logo of The Trade Desk platform.

The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk is a technology company that empowers buye...
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Logo of AppNexus Data Marketplace platform.

AppNexus Data Marketplace

Advertisers have more data at their fingertips than ever ...
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Logo of Active Agent platform.

Active Agent

Active Agent is your Demand Side Platform for easy, trans...
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Logo of AdColony platform.


AdColony is one of the largest video advertising platform...
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Logo of adswizz platform.


AdsWizz is the leading technology provider of advertising...
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Logo of Adot platform.


Adot (formerly Adotmob) is a mobile-first cross-device ma...
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Logo of adelphic platform.


Adelphic is a mobile and cross-channel programmatic adver...
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Logo of Adform platform.


Adform is the leading independent and open full stack adv...
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Logo of AdMaxim Inc. platform.

AdMaxim Inc.

Consumer use of mobile devices is changing the advertisin...
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Logo of adxperience platform.


Adxperience is a mobile ad tech company focusing on bring...
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Logo of Verizon Media - Oath platform.

Verizon Media - Oath

We are Oath. A dynamic house of media and technology bran...
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Logo of Axonix platform.


Axonix is a Telefónica-owned mobile first data expert and...
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Logo of Displayce platform.


DISPLAYCE is the leading technological platform designed ...
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Logo of Impression Desk (infectious media) platform.

Impression Desk (infectious media)

Infectious Media is an international programmatic agency ...
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Logo of InMobi platform.


InMobi is the world's leading Marketing Cloud, driving re...
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Logo of Fyber Fairbid platform.

Fyber Fairbid

Fyber is a global technology company, developing a next g...
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Logo of LiquidM platform.


LiquidM is a globally operating self-service Demand Side ...
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Logo of LoopMe platform.


LoopMe was founded with the mission of closing the loop o...
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Logo of Madvertise platform.


Madvertise media is a spin-off of the former Madvertise. ...
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Logo of MiQ platform.


We deliver brand growth and ROI through award-winning pro...
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Logo of Mediasmart platform.


mediasmart was one of the first movers into the mobile pr...
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Logo of MobFox platform.


Mobfox is a world-leading, data-driven mobile SSP and exc...
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Logo of MobSuccess platform.


MOBSUCCESS is a leading mobile advertising company with i...
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Logo of MoPub platform.


MoPub, a Twitter company, is the leading ad server and pr...
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Logo of OpenAudience™ (OpenX) platform.

OpenAudience™ (OpenX)

At OpenX, we solve a fundamental issue for brands: how to...
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Logo of Smaato platform.


Smaato, the global in-app advertising platform, drives th...
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Logo of SMADEX platform.


Smadex is the leading mobile-first programmatic solution ...
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Logo of SmartAdServer platform.


Smart is a fully transparent ad monetization platform bui...
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Logo of Splicky platform.


Splicky is a trading name of Jaduda GmbH, a Goldbach Grou...
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Logo of Adobe Audience Manager platform.

Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Advertising Cloud, formerly Adobe Media Optimizer, ...
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Logo of Amobee platform.


Advertising solutions for the converging world The world...
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Logo of Fusio by S4M platform.

Fusio by S4M

S4M - The Drive-to-Store Platform - is the first and only...
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Logo of Widespace platform.


Technology to build brands in a mobile world. Using th...
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Logo of ADITION technologies AG platform.

ADITION technologies AG

ADITION technologies is Europe’s leading service provider...
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Logo of Sizmek platform.


Sizmek is the largest independent buy-side advertising pl...
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Logo of TabMo Hawk DSP platform.

TabMo Hawk DSP

TabMo goes one for all : Mobile programmatic platform for...
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