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Boost your business systems with the data of Atoka
Access directly and in real time to the data of over 6 million Italian companies and 4 million British companies. With the Atoka API the Big Data of the corporate world is at your fingertips.

Many customers in different sectors already use the Atoka API to improve the quality and increase the available information on the business databases in their application systems. Implementing Atoka API in your business means giving new lymph to sales, marketing, purchase and other business functions for innovative high performance processes.

With Atoka API you can:

  • Research up-to-date information on all Italian and British companies through our search API;
  • Elaborate complex queries on over 100 different fields to meet every need in your business;
  • Validate or correct the information in your databases;
  • Enrich your databases with new integrated information that you find only in Atoka.
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