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Formerly Brand View, Clavis Insight, One Click Retail and PlanetRetail RNG, Edge by Ascential™ delivers some of the industry’s most accurate and actionable sales-driving data, insights and advisory solutions for global brands and retailers looking to win in today’s ecommerce-driven world. Our solutions enable the world’s top brands and retailers to implement strategies that help maximize revenue growth; optimize product listings; increase sales faster than the category and the competition, and drive margin growth with pricing and promotions. Our weekly, daily and real-time data-driven insights (including Amazon Sales and Share measurement, Digital Shelf performance, Price & Promotions monitoring and Retail Insight for intelligence), coupled with a wide range of customized advisory and education services, give our clients a comprehensive and competitive advantage across the entire landscape online and around the globe.

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Data Offering

Our data is generated by our proprietary algorithms and machine learning processes, which leverage the world’s largest training set of brand and retailer item-level sales and performance data - offering our clients the most accurate, reliable and actionable competitive ecommerce insights in the industry.

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Edge by Ascential has not published pricing information for their data services. This is common practice for data vendors and providers. Contact Edge by Ascential to obtain current pricing.

Use Cases

Optimize your Amazon sales and market share performance to drive growth:

  • Compare performance to category and competitors
  • React to performance dip & optimize strategy with ASIN-level metrics
  • Measure the impact of your strategy and execution on your sales performance

Monitor and optimize your global omnichannel digital shelf performance:

  • Optimize product listings
  • Improve availability, traffic & conversion
  • Respond to market pricing moves

Plan your retail business with market intelligence and forecasting:

  • Identify market and channel opportunities
  • Develop strategies to thrive in the evolving retail

Data Sources & Collection

We use different methods to collect personal data from and about you, including: direct collection from clients, automatic collections from websites, or API integrations.

Key Differentiators

Our proprietary algorithms are powered by one of the largest databases available in the marketplace, enabling us to offer a level of accuracy and detail that is difficult to find with any of our competitors. We are proud to be able to say that our data is trusted by the world’s largest companies when they need to make the tough decisions necessary to win in the market. We have established ourselves as a pioneer in the industry by prioritizing our clients’ needs with a quality of service that our competitors have been unable to replicate.

The capital capacity and resources of our parent company, Ascential plc, ensures Edge by Ascential is best positioned as a long term strategic partner to enable our clients’ success – the days of being start-ups distracted by the need to raise our next round of capital are long behind us. Ascential developed Edge by Ascential with a very strong business model that has the ability to scale as the industry develops, giving us a distinct advantage when it comes to client success and market innovation. Choosing a partner who has a reliable future is critical to the success of your business.

When it comes to selecting the right partner for your business, it’s important to remember that “one-size” definitely does not “fit all.” By working with us, you can tailor-fit our solution to answer the specific business needs plaguing your business. Edge by Ascential’s impressive suite of best-in-class solutions give our clients a comprehensive and competitive advantage they won’t find anywhere else. We offer weekly, daily and real-time data-driven insights, along with a wide range of customized advisory and education services. All designed with the goal of helping you take your business to the next level with configurable, actionable, real-time data and insight at your fingertips.

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Data Privacy

We maintain organizational, physical and technical security arrangements for all the personal and client data we hold. We have protocols, controls and relevant policies, procedures and guidance to maintain these arrangements taking into account the risks associated with the categories of data and the processing we undertake.

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