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Fable Data aggregates consumer transaction data sourced from banks, card issuers and open banking companies across Europe. We selectively partner with diverse data providers to build a sample representative of the entire consumer economy.

Our classification models turn raw transaction data into row level transactions, tagged to merchants and stock tickers and combined with enhanced geo-demographic information.

We are launching with a consumer spending panel of 800k+ high utility user accounts from a base of over 6m+ users. Our expected equity ticker coverage is c150 European and US listed entities.

United Kingdom

Data Offering

Credit Card Transaction DataConsumer Lifestyle Data


Fable Data has not published pricing information for their data services. This is common practice for data vendors and providers. Contact Fable Data to obtain current pricing.

Use Cases

Use cases for our data include:

  • Predicting current quarter reporting metrics
  • Analyzing same store sales
  • Inferring customer acquisition, switching and retention behavior
  • Understanding company revenue at a merchant and individual business line level
  • Understanding competition, market share and geographic patterns in almost real time

Geo Coverage

Europe (2)
United Kingdom

Certifications & Associations

Logo of Financial Data & Technology Association (FDATA) certification

Data Sources & Collection

Sourced directly from global banks, credit card companies and open banking operators across Europe.

Key Differentiators

Exclusive Unavailable via any other data vendor and with a hashed consumer key

Near-time Provides a T+1 read of the entire European consumer economy

Unbiased Optimised and stratified from a far larger population 

Harmonised Allows clients to track consumer behaviour, merchant performance and market dynamics. Unrivalled merchant and consumer attributes

Accurate Sourced directly from global banks, credit card companies and open banking operators 

Legal Always anonymised. Our data is GDPR compliant

Data Privacy

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