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Every Market Media / LeadPorte is a wholesale data compiler and data services consultant. We’ve used our over 20 years in database and email marketing to compile the highest quality and quantities available to resellers for release on the market today. Our services include complete file install licensing, direct list licensing for mid-size and enterprise end users, hygiene and verification for telephone/email data, data appends, data analysis and email marketing testing/management.

Chicago based Every Market Media was founded in 2013. An experienced team of brokers wanted more control of the marketing data their clients requested. They curated records from hundreds of sources, using client feedback to tune the files performance in sales and marketing applications.

Discerning brokers, sales and marketing SaaS leaders and marketing directors have seen EMM deliver reliable, incrementally improved updates quarter after quarter for years. We’ve been elbows deep in the data since da…

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Data Categories

B2B Leads Data B2B Contact Data


Americas (2)
Asia (3)


Transfer methods 5/6

Email, Cloud Storage, SFTP, API (pull), API (push)

Data formats 3/5



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