Flux Audience Platform

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Understand, activate and measure with with Flux audience data platform!

Flux is an AI-powered audience platform that is designed to empower brands, agencies and OOH companies with AI-based mobile audiences in their programmatic marketing campaigns. Simultaneously, Flux converges campaign activation and measurement based on real-world data and business outcomes on to a single platform.

The latest iteration of Lifesight’s flagship platform includes some brand new features:

**Deeper Audience Insights – **Brands and agencies can leverage online and offline behavioural insights of their target audience and back their media pitch with real world data.

**Custom Audience Generation – **The audience builder enables self-serve custom audience generation, which can then be pushed to popular ad platforms for activation.

Audience Measurements – Flux helps measure the impact of marketing campaigns on store visits and subsequently, evaluate results and ROI to optimize campaigns in-flight.

Flux platform enables brands and agencies of all sizes adopt data-driven practices in their marketing strategies and leverage high quality consumer data and insights at scale.

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