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Years history


Nikkei is Japan’s largest financial and economic media group with a history of 150 years. 2,000 journalists report daily movements in Japan.
Nikkei is also a proven and proven data vendor that has provided financial firms and corporate customers with economic data such as corporate and financial data for 50 years.


Data Offering

Nikkei has been providing economic and financial data through our media for many years. Our data is neutral, reliable, and accurate, based on the strict policy as a media. Our data also have a long-term history that no other company can match.

Point-of-Sale (POS) DataNews DataStock Market DataCompany DataESG DataAlternative Data


We offer our datasets, either by on-going subscription models or by one time payment for historical data.
There are project-based cases, providing a subscription for a specified period and the historical data.

  • One-off purchase
  • Yearly subscription

Use Cases

Predict corporate performance:
POS Data
Earnings Estimates by NIKKEI Journalists
Analysts Consensus

Predict Stock Market:
Margin Data
Security Finance Data
Tick Data

Sentiment Analysis:
NIKKEI Article Database

Conventional Market Data:
NIKKEI Index calculation Data
Corporate Finance Data
Equity Datasets

Geo Coverage

Asia (1)

Data Sources & Collection

We develop datasets based not only on information disclosed by public institutions and companies, but also on Nikkei’s own research and interviews. As a media organization, we take strict compliance measures for all data collection.

Key Differentiators

Japan focused, Nikkei exclusive data
News media, entirely neutral, free from sell-side bias
Longest data history, broadest coverage on Japan
Known for data accuracy/high reliability
Followed by Japan’s governments, academias and global financial institutions

Data Privacy

Our data does not include PII and MNPI.
We have contract with all retailers that provide source data to receive and distribute the data.

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