Metadata of All Public Podcasts

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by Picasso


This product contains publicly available metadata for nearly all public podcasts (~700k).

For each podcast show, the following is provided:

  • title
  • publisher/artist
  • description
  • categories
  • publisher/artist email
  • rss feed url
  • explicitness
  • logo url
  • iTunes url
  • Picasso url
  • We also provide additional info to understand the popularity and activity for the podcast such as:

  • number of episodes
  • date of last publish
  • avg. number of listens per episode (if publicly available)
  • number of ratings on iTunes
  • avg. rating on iTunes

This dataset will be refreshed weekly.

If you would like any custom version of this dataset, and/or episode metadata (as opposed to just show), please contact us at [email protected]

NOTE: See our other datasets for transcriptions of the most popular podcasts, or podcasts in a specific genre (like business/investing), or data regarding podcast advertisers.

Do you miss any important information?

If there is any detail you miss, please reach out to the provider. You can ask them directly and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

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