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VISIT Match is a location data service for marketing, advertising and product teams that matches the places you care about with the people who visited them.

VISIT Match provides you with a daily feed of highly accurate, privacy-compliant location-based audience data.

Our location data is accurate down to the foot, so you can be sure that VISIT Match audiences really visited your locations.

VISIT Match can be used to enrich audience, campaign, product or sales data you already rely on. You can push VISIT Match audiences to any demand-side platform. And the data can also be fed into Tableau or other BI tools for reporting and analysis.

  • High volume, privacy-compliant location data
  • Bulk upload shape files, addresses, or radius for instant POI creation and mapping
  • Customize your deliverables to match to your business needs
  • Append additional data to create profiles for audiences and devices for your own location data analytics
  • Create custom polygons for mobile geofencing
  • Reveal Mobile is CCPA compliant
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