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Suburbia believes alternative data can unlock valuable insights for better decisions. The company gathers point-of-sale transactions, transforming vast amounts of data into fast and reliable intelligence. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Suburbia is backed by ING. For more information, please visit


Data Offering

Brand DataCPG DataPoint-of-Sale (POS) DataReceipt DataAlternative Data


Monthly subscription fee depending on dataset(s), contact us for more information on pricing

Use Cases

Our data can reveal:

  • Which brands or products are trending
  • Performance of publicly listed and private corporations based on revenue of brands/products
  • Markets where brands or products are popular, by country or city
  • Pricing of products by country or city
  • Basket composition showing which items are most frequently purchased together
  • Signals for quarterly earnings modelling

Geo Coverage

Europe (6)

Data Sources & Collection

Point-of-sale (POS) transactions from POS suppliers and other companies in the payments industry

Key Differentiators

  • We partner with companies in the payments ecosystem to collect point-of-sale transactions across Europe, so that we can also capture cash payments - which are still a dominant form of payment in some countries like Germany
  • We don’t depend on a panel of opt-in users, resulting in greater accuracy and insights.
  • We capture receipt line level data so while credit card transaction data reveals where consumers are shopping, we can show exactly which products consumers are buying. We offer product-level granularity to EAN-level, e.g. item names, pricing, product categories, tickers, and more
  • Daily updates
  • We are backed by European banking giant ING, which means we follow strict compliance procedures and processes

Data Privacy

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