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All Points of Interest in New York City

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Listing of more than 400k POIs in New York City. Full geographic details, categories, price point, websites, phone Hospitality, F&B, Health, Retail, Freelancers, Transp., Banking, Attractions, Personal care, Real estate, Education, Industrial, Utilities, Vac Rental, Government, Sports, Agriculture

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# listing_id name location_text location_lat location_lon industry category stars price_range_indicator phone website
1 xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
2 Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx xxxxxx Xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx
3 xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx
4 xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Xxxxx xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx
5 Xxxxx Xxxxxxx xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
6 Xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx xxxxx
7 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
8 Xxxxxxx xxxxx Xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx xxxxxx
9 Xxxxxxxxx xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
10 xxxxx Xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx
... xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx
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