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Data-driven B2B marketing refers to a personalised and scaled communication between businesses. Common data types in B2B marketing include intent data, contact data, and firmographics. Companies participating in data driven marketing experience better ROI and engagement.
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50 Million
95% accuracy
249 countries covered
We provide Targeted B2B Marketing data for Telemarketing and Email Marketing. We can provide a Lead List for any business category and location you want.
100M Records
100% Accurate
218 countries covered
We specialise in B2B Marketing Data with 100% Accuracy essential for all outreach activities
7K B2B contacts with emails
97% Accuracy
India covered
List of B2B marketing decision-makers with high income (Directors, Partners, VP, C-Level, Owners) from India, with their personal or business email ID.
99% match rate
249 countries covered
Gather detail and need specific data points of the relevant companies from any industry.
1M records
117 countries covered
Our database provides you with accurate and up-to-date information about potential customers. With detailed data, including contact information, industry, re...
1M contacts
90% accuracy
USA covered
Salutary Data has a robust database of Marketing and Product contacts with a valid email address and a verified Mobile or Direct Dial phone number. - Stirista profile banner
Based in USA
Stirista features a wide variety of audience types including Geolocation (Visitor Data), B2B, Consumer, Purchase-based, Online Activity, Intent, B2B Technolo...
Data Updated in Real-Time
60 Million
B2B Professionals - AmeriBase profile banner
Based in USA
In an industry where mergers and acquisitions are the norms, a “status quo” data provider can be a really good thing. At Ameribase Digital by Lighthouse list...
Years of Experience - BoldData profile banner
Based in Netherlands
With unbeatable locally sourced data, skilled data experts and smart technology, we help tech start-ups, multinationals and non-profits to unlock the power o...
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companies worldwide
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happy customers
Email on Business
Based in USA
Email on Business
We are a team of experienced research analyst from various background . we are here to help you to reach your product and services to maximum of your reach.
GDPR compliant
Opt in users
80M data
Attribute - Esales Data profile banner
Esales Data
Based in USA
Esales Data
eSalesData is a fast growing market specialist in delivering Sales leads, email/data appending, application development and online marketing solutions. We pr...
Compliant - InfoClutch profile banner
Based in USA
InfoClutch is a leading supplier of most sought after segmented technographic database. We offer fully customizable prospect data of your preferred specifica...
48 Million
Technographic Data
Market Researchers

Frequently Asked Questions about B2B Marketing

Learn everything about B2B Marketing. Understand data sources, popular use cases, and data quality.

What is data driven B2B marketing?

B2B marketing, as the name suggests, refers to the marketing happening between 2 businesses. Marketing is usually considered data-driven when it uses real data from the market to personalise the communication in a scalable way.

Why is data important in B2B marketing?

Use of data enables B2B marketing to become more personalised without losing scale. When used correctly this increases the ROI from marketing activities as the customer’s engagement increases.

How B2B marketing is different from B2C marketing?

B2B marketing tends to have longer sales cycles. As the individual deal sizes get larger, the time spent in making a purchase decision gets longer. This is often shown in companies wanting to negotiate and customise parts of the offering to suit their needs better.

How B2B marketing is changing?

B2B and marketing in general is shifting towards a more personalised era. Buyers have become skeptical of generic sales pitches, leading to traditional outreach becoming ineffective. Marketers are now using data to find the buyers with existing intent instead of trying to convince stubborn leads to paying customers.