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Content optimization refers to the process of ensuring all content will speak to the desired target audience. Many marketers have a data-driven process where information about the customers’ demographics and interests are used to tone the message.
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6K B2B Topics
70% confidence level required to assign company location & topics
1 country covered
Business Intent data aggregated by topic and company location. Derived from a network of high quality B2B publishers and data aggregators. Covers 6,000+ topi...
7K B2B topics
100% Electronic Email Validation
1 country covered
True Influence utilizes a proprietary advanced Relevance Engine™ to deliver precise topical interest and intent activity across more than 7,000 B2B topics re...
Brand Protection
by DataWeave
13 countries covered
Monitor and minimize MAP violations across your product portfolio.
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Based in USA
We offer a comprehensive suite of portable solutions that can help you identify the right accounts to target via firmo/technographic information + B2B intent... - DataWeave profile banner
Based in Singapore
DataWeave is an AI-powered SaaS platform that provides Competitive Intelligence as a Service to consumer brands and eCommerce businesses, enabling them to co...
Up to 46%
top line growth
Up to 3X
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True Influence
Based in USA
True Influence
Driven by smart data and innovative technology, True Influence is an intent data provider who creates targeted, integrated digital media solutions to identif...
Intent Data Feed
Intent Level Contacts
100% Guaranteed
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