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Our Data Partners
96.8M Average Anonymous IPs
90% Horizontal Accuracy
249 countries covered
We build CTV graphs by identifying household users across devices and analyzing their data characteristics to determine their intent and interests, allowing ...
1.06B Device to HEM (Hashed Email)
100% Device to Partner ID Matching
247 countries covered
Our identity graph data can help brands attach identities to their existing first party data in a safe and privacy compliant manner, resulting in the ability...
4.2B Web Data Records
90% match rate
247 countries covered
Our web data graph contains fresh web browsing data of users across desktop and mobile that indicates search intent, purchase intent and online category inte...
150 million
2 countries covered
2 years of historical data
+100m email to mobile ID profiles with 1x1 timestamped consent. This feed comes with age, gender as well as IP address for a more complete view. Reduces ex... - Reklaim profile banner
Based in USA
Reklaim is the only company in the world allowing consumers control and transparency on their data. With an ecosystem of 150+ million profiles, when purchasi...
Coverage - Factori profile banner
Based in USA
Factori is a flexible and adaptable data provider. We help you make smarter decisions and build better solutions based on real world location data.
5.2 B
Event per Day
1.6 B
Consumer Profiles
Brands Tracked