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PLZ8 Germany and PLZ8 Germany XXL
by DDS Digital Data Services
DDS Digital Data Services
80K records
51 countries covered
For the success of a planning process, the correct geographical reference is as vital as the quality of the socio-economic data used. DDS and microm's detail...
DDS Kindergardens
by DDS Digital Data Services
DDS Digital Data Services
50K records
51 countries covered
In addition to the "DDS Schools", DDS has added the data set "DDS Kindergartens" to its offer. The data set contains geocoded addresses of kindergartens, day...
DDS Schools
by DDS Digital Data Services
DDS Digital Data Services
51 countries covered
"DDS Kindergartens and Schools" contains approx. 80,000 geocoded day care and school addresses in Germany. In addition to name, address and geo-coordinates, ...
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DDS Digital Data Services
Based in Germany
DDS Digital Data Services
• Spatial Data • Cloud Services • Software & Tools • Consulting
flexible - Kido Dynamics profile banner
Kido Dynamics
Based in Switzerland
Kido Dynamics
We breakdown complex data sets to help organizations understand human mobility in a simple manner to make effective decisions. Kido Dynamics specializes in ...
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