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Data-driven ESG performance analysis assigns a portfolio with an ESG score, which is used to make socially-conscious investment decisions. Investors predict the future value of a company's stock with ESG data to gain better returns from the equity markets.
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OWL leverages an NLP engine and machine learning to identify and collect potential ESG issues from news sources.
45K Listed equity
98% Named Entity Recognition
249 countries covered
Sentifi ESG alternative data-based analytics evaluate the E, S, G performance of companies, sectors, industries, based on insights reported by 15m+ influence...
1 country covered
OWL collects detailed data metrics from public filings, websites, and other public sources of information on a bespoke basis.
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Based in Switzerland
Sentifi is an established fintech company and alternative data provider. We transform traditional and alternative raw data into investment analytics, support...
Named Entity Precision
Sentiment Detection Precision
Event Recognition Precision
Owl Analytics
Based in USA
Owl Analytics
Offering consensus ratings on over 25k companies globally. We rate each company across a range of ESG-themed categories along with relative peer group analy... - Earthmetry profile banner
Based in India
Earthmetry accelerates the transition to sustainable use of our planet’s resources by enabling data-driven decision-making. Through our Signals platform, we ...
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