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Best Data for Fraud Management

Fraud management refers to the process of controlling business risks driven from fraudulent customers or transactions. Businesses like banks and telcos use often data-driven approaches to limit money and brand image loss caused by fraud.

Top Data Products for Fraud Management

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Anonymous IP Database Download

Downloadable Anonymous IP Database from VPN, proxy, Tor detection, and more!
+ 246 others
History1 years of past data available
Use CaseData Enrichment, Fraud Prevention + 3 more
Pricing available upon request
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Top Data Providers for Fraud Management

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Based in United States of America

IPinfo is an IP data provider specializing in IP geolocation, ASN, IP to company, IP to carrier, IP ranges, hosted domains and other data types. IPinfo APIs handle over 20 billion requests a mon...

Popular Data Types Used for Fraud Management

Explore the most commonly used data types for Fraud Management.