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5 Brand Domains
90% Domain matic
249 countries covered
Monitor the web for fraudsters spoofing your ads and domains; sending customers to fake phishing sites.
248 countries covered
Detect proxies location, anonymous proxy, VPN, TOR, SES, RES and data center IPs via IP address lookup.
9M Entries
249 countries covered
3 years of historical data
IPinfo's Anonymous IP or Privacy Detection database provides anonymous IP address insights and IP information on VPN, proxy, hosting (data center), Relay, an...
13M AML Profiles
90% match rates
240 countries covered
IDMerit’s Anti-money laundering (AML) solution IDMaml is designed to help minimize the risks associated with money laundering and other illicit activities. O...
249 countries covered
BigDataCloud provides the industry’s first fully scientific IP Geolocation. The API endpoint is designed to help fight spammers and other fraudulent activiti...
2.8B records
95% Adult consumers
USA covered
Finally, a consumer data API for developers without all the hassles! Over 2.8 billion records from trusted public data sources like federal, state and local ... - IPinfo profile banner
Based in USA
IPinfo is an IP data provider specializing in IP geolocation, ASN, IP to company, IP to carrier, IP ranges, hosted domains, and other data types. IPinfo A...
46 billion
API requests per month
Great team
doing big things.
businesses use IPinfo services - IP2Location profile banner
Based in Malaysia
Geo IP solution to identify country, region, city, latitude & longitude, ZIP code, time zone, connection speed, ISP, domain name, IDD country code, area code...
Data Sets
API Calls
Active Users - Techsalerator profile banner
Based in USA
Techsalerator is a global B2B and B2C data provider based out of South Florida. We cover 219 countries of B2B data with deep firmographic , POI's and contact...
B2B and B2C Data
270 M
POI Locations - Open People Search profile banner
Open People Search
Based in USA
Open People Search
Open People Search is a data provider offering Address Data, Email Address Data, Phone Number Data, Public Sector Data, and Identity Data. They are headquart... - BigDataCloud profile banner
Based in Australia
BigData Cloud provides the industry’s most performant, scalable and flexible APIs. Built for eCommerce, Ad Agencies, Financial Institution, Saas, CRM Systems... - IDMerit profile banner
Based in USA
IDMERIT helps organizations around the world to reduce fraud, stop theft, and accurately verify customers and users. Our unique industry-learning identity ve...
440 Data Source
120000 Scanned