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Marketers analyse footfall traffic and movement using mobile location data to understand which locations are popular with consumers and why. Location-based analytics are the foundation of various marketing strategies - audience segmentation, geofencing, and DOOH advertising.
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1K Records
3 countries covered
Get The Complete And Updated List Of All Automobile Dealers Stores With Dataset For Instant Download.
100 records
USA covered
This is a complete list of all Microsoft store locations, along with their geographic coordinates, Street addresses, City, State, ZIP code, etc in the US.
3.05M Locations
96% Accuracy
2 countries covered
This product consists of point-of-interest data for retail, automotive, food, dining, and healthcare industries in US and Canada. Other industries that can...
300M smartphones
203 countries covered
2 years of historical data
Provide Tamoco with custom locations (custom polygon or radius geofence), and Tamoco will provide a daily breakdown of how many unique devices dwelled in tha...
150M Device locations
50% match rate to HEMS
USA covered
Through the use of mobile device GPS location data, these consumers have all been identified as using a mobile app at a specific location. Categories from t...
USA covered
2 years of historical data
Scanbuy gathers and collects US GPS lat/long location data hourly updates from ~ 35M US mobile phones via privacy compliant iOS and Android via app/SDKs. - AmeriBase profile banner
Based in USA
In an industry where mergers and acquisitions are the norms, a “status quo” data provider can be a really good thing. At Ameribase Digital by Lighthouse list...
Years of Experience - Xtract profile banner
Based in USA
Xtract POI database consists of over 6 million locations from 5,000+ companies across 100+ industries. We also create Polygons for given locations across ...
locations data
Companies - Locationscloud profile banner
Based in USA
Locationscloud is the headmost locations Data scraping Service provider around the globe. Our location Intelligence service serves accurate and up-to-date da... - Datahut profile banner
Based in USA
Datahut helps businesses get structured data feeds from any website through our cloud-based data as a service platform. Our fully-managed Web Scraping soluti...
Clean data
Data quality
7-10X ROI
ROI - Zeliot Connected Services profile banner
Zeliot Connected Services
Based in India
Zeliot Connected Services
ZELIOT is a new age company consisting a group of young and zealous individuals with a passion to innovate and build awesome products. Our connected mobility...
real time data - Nextraq profile banner
Based in USA
NexTraq®—a MICHELIN™ group company—is a trusted partner for fleet management services, simplifying fleet management while improving driver safety, reducing c...