Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP allows businesses to streamline operations and increase scale. It relies on computers being able to understand human language input and respond accordingly. AI & ML training data is used to optimize digital tools like chatbots, sentiment indicators and spam recognition.
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Our Data Partners
1K stocks covered
1 country covered
13 years of history data
The Brain Language Metrics (BLM) on Company Filings dataset monitors several language metrics on 10-Ks and 10-Qs company reports for approximately the larges...
Brain Sentiment Indicator
by Brain Company
10K stocks covered
240 countries covered
5 years of history data
The Brain Sentiment Indicator (BSI) uses proprietary Natural Language Processing strategies to monitor public financial news for over 10.000 global stocks fr...
99% accuracy
Conversational AI training data generated for a specific use case
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Nikkei Market Data
Based in Japan
Nikkei has a proven track record of providing economic data to corporate customers such as financial institutions and government agencies for 50 years, and g...
Years history
Based in Singapore
InfoTrie is a Consulting and Financial Engineering company headquartered in Singapore, with offices in India and Europe, and a great pool of expertise in Inf...
Brain Company
Based in Italy
BRAIN is a Research Company that creates proprietary datasets and algorithms for investment strategies, combining experience on financial markets with strong...
NLP Platform
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