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USA covered
2 years of historical data
The ratings are measures of the operational efficiency and business portfolio quality for all U.S. Credit Unions from Q1 2020 to Q2 2021 and include addition...
277K bank performance records
99% percent of industry covered
USA covered
The ratings measure the Operational Efficiency and Business Quality of banks using Efficient Frontier Analysis, similar to that from investment portfolio ana...
582 records
100% Scheduled Commercial Banks in India
India covered
Ratings & Rankings of India’s Banks for Operational Efficiency and Business Quality that measure the operational performance levels of all Scheduled Commerci...
50B global signals per day
100% deterministic data
247 countries covered
Privacy-friendly foot traffic data for areas of interest globally. Available via API or bulk delivery with place category and associated brands included.
India covered
2015 years of historical data
Operational Efficiency & Business Quality Ratings of INDIAN SCHEDULED COMMERCIAL BANKS for 2015 -2021 based on Hoeg & Company's proprietary Efficient Frontie...
249 countries covered
40 years of historical data
Renewable wind energy is highly weather-dependent but with CustomWeather at your side, operators can make confident operational decisions. - Edison Trends profile banner
Edison Trends
Based in USA
Edison Trends
Edison Trends data is owned directly by Edison. The data source are Edison’s consumer apps, Edison Mail and Edison Assistant. With users consent our apps acc... - Hoeg & Company profile banner
Hoeg & Company
Based in USA
Hoeg & Company
Efficiency and Quality Ratings measure of how well a bank uses its resources to achieve profitable results and build a quality business portfolio. The evalua...
Coverage of U.S. Banks
Number of Banks Rated
Number of Quarters of Ratings - Gravy Analytics profile banner
Gravy Analytics
Based in USA
Gravy Analytics
Gravy Analytics is the enterprise location technology company providing actionable intelligence to businesses. The company brings data about people, places, ...
deterministic data
600 MM
MAUs globally
2K+ brands
represented - CustomWeather profile banner
Based in USA
We provide industry-leading weather solutions to a wide range of industries that value quality, customer service, and data accuracy. As a leader in technolog...
Over 80K
20 Years
of Industry Leadership - Overwatch Data profile banner
Overwatch Data
Based in USA
Overwatch Data
Overwatch is the easiest and most flexible way to monitor for risk and opportunities in the external data environment, whether open, social, and deep web. Ta...
Targeted Monitoring
Multiple Data Streams