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Best Data for Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics are used to manage the risk of a loan or investment. Analysts trawl historical metrics - such as consumer credit scores, or a financial product's trade exchange performance - to identify trends which inform future lending, borrowing and purchase decisions.

Top Data Products for Predictive Analytics

Find the right dataset, API, or database for Predictive Analytics.

Predictive Credit Intelligence

by TrackStar
TrackStar Provides Machine Learning Technology To Uncover Future Borrowing
Volume30M records
Quality0.98% AUC Score
History15 years of past data available
Use CasePredictive Analytics, Machine Learning (ML) + 3 more
Available Pricing:
Monthly license
Yearly license
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Smart Static Datasets for ETF/ETP/ETCs traded on (Global Coverage) - Automatic Notifications System

by Goldbaum
Smart static datasets and information for products trading on global exchanges. Our service provides smart product categorisation. An automatic notifications system alerts you when material changes...
Volume4K Financial security identification number (ISIN), 100K Financial security identification number (Exchange Symbol, CUSIP, WKN, SEDOL)
Quality100% Data Accuracy, 100% System-ready
+ 246 others
History1 years of past data available
Use CasePredictive Analytics, Risk Management + 3 more
Starts at
€5€4.50 / ISIN
10% Datarade discount
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Nikkei POS - Japanese Consumer Transaction Data

by Nikkei Market Data
A consumer purchase data sourced from 1,600 retail chains in Japan, with long history.
Volume400 Listed companies, 1.6K Retail Stores
Quality40% of the total sales of Japan Supermarket Association, 4% of the total sales of DHFCE
History30 years of past data available
Use CaseConsumer Trend Analysis, Company Valuation + 3 more
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Top Data Providers for Predictive Analytics

Compare the best vendors offering data for Predictive Analytics.

Nikkei Market Data

Based in Japan

Nikkei has a proven track record of providing economic data to corporate customers such as financial institutions and government agencies for 50 years, and guarantees high reliability.


Based in United States of America

We provide industry-leading weather solutions to a wide range of industries that value quality, customer service, and data accuracy. As a leader in technology, CustomWeather is well aware of the la...


Based in Luxembourg

Our API feeds packages of 100% accurate, system-ready, and up-to-date datasets and analytics (e.g. fund, market, index, ESG and smart) for ETFs/ETPs/ETCs and any other product traded on global exch...

Popular Data Types Used for Predictive Analytics

Explore the most commonly used data types for Predictive Analytics.