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Pricing optimization means the use of data-analytics when determining customers’ responses to product and service prices across multiple channels. Companies use competitor and market pricing data often to find ideal prices for their solutions, enabling maximum profit per sell.
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99% Match rate
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Wersel's Pricing platform provides Competitive Intelligence as a Service to retailers globally, enabling them to compete effectively and grow profitably.
25 million
157 countries covered
0 days of historical data
Extract product details, pricing, rating, reviews, and more from Amazon in Real-Time by providing a product ASIN or URL as input.
100% Accuracy
249 countries covered
Done for you price scraping services. Give us the websites. Tell us what data you need. We'll do the heavy lifting for you.
240 countries covered
Skuuudle is the leader in pricing intelligence. We build pricing solutions for some of the world's largest brands. We have over 15 years of experience in pri...
10B records history
100% Data Quality Rate
USA covered
We retain hourly snapshot of live price feeds for the entire day starting from 6am to 10pm EST.
144 countries covered
1 days of historical data
Datahut extracts product data and occupancy details from websites like to help our customers get the competitive intelligence they need. - PredictHQ profile banner
Based in USA
PredictHQ is a powerful platform that provides real-time event intelligence data, enabling you to make better decisions and operate more efficiently. You can...
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Use Cases - Shopgram profile banner
Based in Canada
Shopgram is a search engine of Shopify stores and products. More than a Million Shopify stores and 15 Million Shopify products crawled and counting. If...
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Based in United Kingdom
Skuuudle is a data provider offering Ecommerce Data, Pricing Data, Web Scraping Data, Ecommerce Product Data, and Retail Data. They are headquartered in Unit... - Wersel Brand Analytics profile banner
Wersel Brand Analytics
Based in United Kingdom
Wersel Brand Analytics
Wersel Data-Hub is a powerful brand collaborative and analytics platform. It can access brands scattered data from every channel, collect and normalize it. T...
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Powerful Hosted Search - Datahut profile banner
Based in USA
Datahut helps businesses get structured data feeds from any website through our cloud-based data as a service platform. Our fully-managed Web Scraping soluti...
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7-10X ROI
ROI - profile banner
Based in United Kingdom
Dexi provides cutting-edge data solutions that power the success of Planet Earth’s most successful brands and organizations. A robust, service-forward, and s...
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