Quantitative Investing

Quantitative investing refers to an investment approach which leverages mathematical modelling and data analysis to calculate probabilities for profitable trades. Data often used by investors ranges from every day market data to more complex alternative data forms.
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3.53K listed chinese equities companies
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The ratings we devised for “Foreign Investors Rating”, FIR in short, is to provide user(s) a quantitative and qualitative analysis on foreign institutional i...
Yodlee's Quant Panel
by Envestnet | Yodlee
3K Merchants
99% % high precision merchants
1 country covered
Our most granular offering providing line-by-line transactions for 3 millions US consumers.
Nikkei Earnings Estimates
by Nikkei Market Data
2K Journalists
100% Listed companies
1 country covered
The earning estimates derived by Nikkei journalists. The forecast covers every listed company in Japan, and provides accurate estimates from neutral perspect...
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Nikkei Market Data
Based in Japan
Nikkei has a proven track record of providing economic data to corporate customers such as financial institutions and government agencies for 50 years, and g...
Years history
Based in Panama
QueXopa® is an Alternative Data provider that finds, sources and aggregates the data that fuels decision makers in all areas of government, finance and indus...
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GDPR, LGPD Compliant
+3 Million
Users in Brazil & Mexico
Envestnet | Yodlee
Based in USA
Yodlee is the market leader in de-identified consumer spend/income data. We tag thousands of public and private companies to billions of transactions that we...
15 m+
Active users
Since 2011
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Frequently Asked Questions about Quantitative Investing

Learn everything about Quantitative Investing. Understand data sources, popular use cases, and data quality.

What is Quantitative investing?

Quantitative investing combines mathematical modelling with in depth data analysis to calculate probabilities for profitable trades. Companies this methodology to identify and act on undervalued securities.

Where to get data for quantitative investing?

Companies looking for data to fuel their investing strategies often turn to data providers during their data sourcing. Data providers are independent actors in the market that either facilitate or monitor the trade of securities and collect data about the market developments.