The data-driven retail industry examines terabytes of information everyday to create better customer experiences and businesses. From optimising prices to streamlining back-office operations retailers rely on data about market trends and prices developments.
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BDEX Retail Foot Traffic Data⎢USA⎢Any Major Retail Chain USA covered icon
USA covered
BDEX can identify consumer foot traffic across any major retail chain in the US.
Automaton AI Video Data - video of products in a retail store  4K Images icon
4K Images
Automaton AI Video Data - video of products in a retail store  India covered icon
India covered
Data of the retail store of all the products from a height of 2 - 7 feet.
SnapBizz Database of FMCG Products - Product & Retail Data for India India covered icon
India covered
This Database contains more than 100000 records with every detail of FMCG products along with 16 columns
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Based in USA
The BDEX Data Exchange Platform combines real-time consumer behaviors in a true marketplace environment with the most powerful identity graph in the US. BDEX...
Mobile Devices
Hashed Emails
ID Linkages - Envestnet | Yodlee profile banner
Envestnet | Yodlee
Based in USA
Envestnet | Yodlee
Yodlee is the market leader in de-identified consumer spend/income data. We tag thousands of public and private companies to billions of transactions that we...
15 m+
Active users
Since 2011
Latency - Edge by Ascential profile banner
Edge by Ascential
Based in United Kingdom
Edge by Ascential
Edge by Ascential gives global brands and retailers the knowledge to win in digital commerce by providing actionable, next-generation data, analytics, insigh...
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