Best Data for Retail Analytics

Retail analytics refer to the process of examining consumer demand, supply chains, and inventory levels by looking into data. Businesses use often various data types like transactional and behavioural data e.g to optimise their product pricing according to the season.
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USA covered
Gain insights on how spend behavior is changing over time at specific points of interest (POI), including the average transaction size, spend in-person vs. o...
260K tariffs
United Kingdom covered
2 years of historical data
Access comprehensive, real-time data on GB retail energy tariffs with our user-friendly platform. Stay competitive with insights on pricing, trends, and mark...
700K Retail Store Locations
77% 3-month daily correlation
USA covered
Process and analyze store visits data on over 700k retail locations across the US. Each row contains a week's worth of data broken down into weekly, daily an...
1.25M panel size
95% Match Rate
USA covered
This panel of millions of US Consumers is unique to 90 West Data. We provide detailed insights into consumer spending at retail establishments across the US.
18K restaurants
United Kingdom covered
Extensive dataset of restaurants in London, including contacts, social profiles and lots of other information.
400K POI
100% fill rates
USA covered
SafeGraph Spend is an aggregated transaction dataset of consumer data containing spending behavior at individual points of interest. This dataset includes t... - SafeGraph profile banner
Based in USA
SafeGraph is a data company that builds datasets on the physical world for teams at ESRI, Microsoft, Sysco, and Goldman Sachs. Our high-precision Places data...
POI in US and CAN
Brands in US and CAN
Fill Rates - Predik Data-driven profile banner
Predik Data-driven
Based in USA
Predik Data-driven
We are experts in the collection, extraction, management and analysis of large volumes of all types of data, from alternative and complex sources to traditio...
Updated & consistent
Latam, US, Asia Markets
Strict & precise controls - PTV Group profile banner
PTV Group
Based in Germany
PTV Group
• Spatial Data • Cloud Services • Software & Tools • Consulting
flexible - Locationscloud profile banner
Based in USA
Locationscloud is the headmost locations Data scraping Service provider around the globe. Our location Intelligence service serves accurate and up-to-date da... - 90 West Data profile banner
90 West Data
Based in USA
90 West Data
Unique US consumer transaction data. Insights from millions of daily transactions.
Client focused
Clean, Complete, Transparent
Research Ready - Olvin profile banner
Based in United Kingdom
Olvin’s data help you understand the store performance and consumer profiles of over a million retail locations across the US. From predictive insights on an...
Data Accuracy
US Retail Locations
Retail Brands

Frequently Asked Questions about Retail Analytics

Learn everything about Retail Analytics. Understand data sources, popular use cases, and data quality.

What are retail analytics?

Retail analytics relates to the effort that provides analytical insights on past and future store performance by looking in to vast amounts of data. Such insights are crucial e.g in marketing and procurement decisions.

What data do retailers need?

The data types used in retail analytics vary. For example, pricing data is often used to optimise product prices to reflect the competition, whereas in marketing, behavioural data can be used to group customers behavioural targeting.