Best Data for Traffic Analysis

Traffic analysis can span road, air and marine traffic. For governments and local authorities, it's crucial to understand traffic flow, density and parking facilities to create effective infrastructure plans. OOH advertisers also use traffic data to identify popular routes.
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2 countries covered
2 years of historical data
Traffic data from Urban SDK provides traffic volume, average speed, average travel time and congestion for logistics, transportation planning, traffic monito...
Netherlands covered
The Mobility Map is an interactive map that visualizes a large amount of mobility data. That way efficient traffic routes become transparent, route plans can...
64 countries covered
6 years of historical data
Roadway Analytics is a collection of on-demand analytics tools tailored to provide public agencies with quick and easy access to reliable traffic data and vi...
10K images
9 countries covered
10 years of historical data
Collection of 10,000+ images of traffic scene from low view that are ready to use for optimizing the accuracy of computer vision models.
500 hours
India covered
Raw Indian Traffic dataset (videos) that includes several locations such as city, highway and suburban roads.
5.5M records
3 countries covered
10 years of historical data
Validate is one of the largest traffic models in the world. It supplies car and truck volumes for Germany's entire major road network. The traffic data from ... - Matrixian profile banner
Based in Netherlands
By combining our international data sources with smart technology and expertise, we provide our customers with valuable insights, products and API's that ena...
169 countries mapped
+ 500 mln
Objects in our database
24 TB
24 TB data collected yearly - Lepton Software profile banner
Lepton Software
Based in India
Lepton Software
Access industry-specific community indicators, demographic, administrative, socio-economic, mobility, and affluence data to power your analytics
Countries (Data creation)
35M Sq Km
Satellite Images processed
POI Locations - Kido Dynamics profile banner
Kido Dynamics
Based in Switzerland
Kido Dynamics
We breakdown complex data sets to help organizations understand human mobility in a simple manner to make effective decisions. Kido Dynamics specializes in ...
Base Covered for partner Telco
Of events on a daily basis
1 Year
Of historical data - Zeliot Connected Services profile banner
Zeliot Connected Services
Based in India
Zeliot Connected Services
ZELIOT is a new age company consisting a group of young and zealous individuals with a passion to innovate and build awesome products. Our connected mobility...
real time data - Ainnotate profile banner
Based in India
With a range of annotation services to cater to your AI model training needs and high quality dataset for your AI models, Ainnotate can share its rich experi...
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Flexible pricing model - INRIX profile banner
Based in USA
INRIX is the global leader in connected car services and transportation analytics. Leveraging big data and the cloud, INRIX delivers comprehensive services a...