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Looking for the best ESG Data provider for your business? Better play the field. Discover data-driven solutions for Equity Reseach, ESG Investing, and ESG Performance Analysis. Find reviews for Richmond Global Sciences left by Datarade users, and compare Richmond Global Sciences’ data products and performance to the most popular competitors and alternatives. DataSpark, ESG Analytics Ai, ISS ESG, and Datacie are the top competitors and alternatives to Richmond Global Sciences.

Top Alternatives to Richmond Global Sciences

Top Competitors & Alternatives to Richmond Global Sciences

We design and offer NextGen Data, Cloud and Bespoke solutions to investors, financial institutions, organizations, and global corporations to empower investment, financial and operational decision ...
ESG Analytics Ai
Floodlight is a provider of extensive ESG data collections as well as composite materiality scores in ESG. Our customers use this insight to make better investment and business decisions to stay ah...
ISS ESG is the responsible investment arm of Institutional Shareholder Services Inc., the world’s leading provider of environmental, social, and governance solutions for asset owners, asset manager...
Datacie is an AI company specializing in extracting precise data points from unstructured data sources, crafting traditional & alternative datasets tailored to its clients' needs.
Akadia is a provider of high-quality Environmental, Social and Governance data to companies that empower financial institutions with their ESG products, ratings and services.
Impact Cubed
United Kingdom
Impact Cubed’s award winning data and portfolio analytics are used by investors to understand ESG, impact, climate, and SDG considerations. Our factor level data helps investors speed and scale up ...
Transparent ESG alternative data provider sourcing info leads from official corporate reports, qualified articles and analysis, and social media
ESG Analytics
ESG Analytics uses alternative data to evaluate ESG dimensions for companies, countries and investment funds.
Sustainable aims to help the world better understand corporate sustainability performance. We provide data and services to help analysts, consultants, software providers, and investors shape strate...

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What’s the competitive advantage of Richmond Global Sciences?

RGS RIFT moves beyond traditional ESG metrics by quantifying the impacts of the products and services that companies produce. RGS RIFT only measures concrete outcome metrics rather than inputs or intentions to avoid greenwashing. RGS RIFT translates ESG data into monetary values for easy comparison across industries and impact dimensions and integration into financial modelling frameworks. RGS RIFT is based on a robust, researched methodology, aligned with Harvard Business School’s Impact Weighted Accounts Initiative (IWAI).

What are the best alternatives to Richmond Global Sciences?

DataSpark, ESG Analytics Ai, ISS ESG, Datacie, Akadia, Impact Cubed, Sensefolio, ESG Analytics, SustainableHQ, and Clarity AI