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Email address data collection is a process that collects and stores email addresses. The email addresses are used by companies and businesses who want to sell their products to new audiences. Databases and apps are used to collect these email addresses. Learn more →
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B2B Email marketing Cluster
by Krill Technologies
27M records
60% Deliverability
1 years of history data
Krill Technologies provides cost efficient B2B email marketing list in huge volumes to marketers for branding, email marketing, newsletter promotions,etc.
Consumers (B2C)
by Every Market Media
569M Total Consumers with Unique Emails
100% Email Populated
1 country covered
Our consumer (B2C) email database contains more than 569 million opt-in, permission based email records with just over 200 million deliverable email addresses.
MyData Rewards Email List
by Virtual World Computing
32K Email Addresses
85% Accuracy Rate
1 country covered
Email address of all sign ups for MyData Rewards browser.
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Every Market Media
Based in USA
Every Market Media is an email centric marketing data compiler and data services consultant that helps customers solve data problems using vertical expertise...
Unique B2B Emails
Verification Every 120 Days
Deliverable Opt-in B2C Emails
Krill Technologies
Based in USA
Founded with a goal to use the right mix of human expertise and technology & leverage this mantra to deliver better ROI & substantial results to marketers. A...
6 Million
23 Million
Latch Media
Based in United Kingdom
Latch Media is a data provider offering Demographic Data, Address Data, Direct Marketing Data, Email Address Data, Phone Number Data, and Consumer Marketing ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Email Address Data 2021

Learn everything about Email Address Data. Understand data sources, popular use cases, and data quality.

What is Email Address Data?

Email address data is a database that houses all of the email data that has been collected through various servers and websites. When a user inputs this information on specific places, they then store the data and use it for other means later on in most cases. These databases collect and store information on an opt-in basis whenever users sign up to receive email updates or subscribes to an online service.

How is Email Address Data collected?

Email address data is data that has been collected through people placing their information into specific online sheets and forms. These sheets then collect and store the data into a database that holds it. There are a number of ways that this information can be compiled, such as asking their interest in the company, service, or product that is being offered.

What are the attributes of Email Address Data?

The email address data comes with a number of attributes that are collected in the process. Email address data intelligence sorts this information into these specific categories, such as user name, email address, interest, location. Sometimes demographic information such as gender, income level, and other specifics are also collected in the process to enrich the raw email address data.

What is Email Address Data used for?

Those who are using email address data are trying to build better, more specific audience segments for the business that they run. This is important for a number of reasons to businesses, since they want to ensure that they are reaching new customers, but also that they’re able to nurture existing leads via consistent, personalized outreach. By using email address data analytics, these businesses and companies are able to do just that and increase their overhead.

How can a user assess the quality of Email Address Data?

Email address data should be verified and updated regularly to ensure that businesses have access to valid contact information for the individuals they’re targeting. Higher-quality email address data collection companies and providers will ensure that they separate their lists of email addresses, based on the specifics that the company or business that is looking to narrow down their audience and the email addresses they are looking to purchase and then use. Others will also look into the authenticity of the email addresses and if they’re actually in use via automated checks and filters.

Who are the best Email Address Data providers?

Finding the right Email Address Data provider for you really depends on your unique use case and data requirements, including budget and geographical coverage. Popular Email Address Data providers that you might want to buy Email Address Data from are Every Market Media, Krill Technologies, Latch Media, Accurate Append, and Acxiom.

Where can I buy Email Address Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell Email Address Data products and samples. Popular Email Address Data products and datasets available on our platform are B2B Email marketing Cluster by Krill Technologies, Consumers (B2C) by Every Market Media, and MyData Rewards Email List by Virtual World Computing.

How can I get Email Address Data?

You can get Email Address Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical Email Address Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time Email Address Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

What are similar data types to Email Address Data?

Email Address Data is similar to Address Data, Device Graph Data, Phone Number Data, and Direct Marketing Data. These data categories are commonly used for Direct Marketing and Email Address Data analytics.

What are the most common use cases for Email Address Data?

The top use cases for Email Address Data are Direct Marketing, Address Validation, and Identity Validation.