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What is Currency Data?

Find the best Currency Data feed. Source currency data vendors and perform fast data provider comparison. Buy currency datasets and APIs for financial market intelligence. Learn more

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AAA GRAVITON: FOREX data, over 100 currency pairs available

by Graviton
All pairs listed on forex with more than 10 years of historical data.
Available for 52 countries
113 pairs
10 years of historical data
100% match rate
Starts at
$20 / purchase
5% Datarade discount
Free sample available
10% revenue share

Hourly fx-spot_EUR_USD CloseMid data from 1999

by Olsen Data
closing data is generated. ... The data is available directly online on this platform.
Available for 16 countries
1 Currency Pair
22 years of historical data
99.99% After applying Olsen Filter Technology
Starts at
$30 / purchase

RDA Pricing: Fundamental Pricing Data for Cryptoassets

by RDA Index
The fundamental-market price ratio (FMr) is a key data point in this product. ... The RDA Price data stands in contrast with the market price to reveal the impact of speculative trading
Available for 249 countries
300 Assets
1 years of historical data
100% Uptime
Starts at
$75 / purchase
Free sample available

Hourly fx-spot_GBP_USD CloseMid data from 1999

by Olsen Data
closing data is generated. ... The data is available directly online on this platform.
Available for 2 countries
1 Currency Pair
22 years of historical data
99.99% After applying Olsen Filter Technology
Starts at
$30 / purchase

Finage Real-Time & Historical Cryptocurrency Market Feed - Global Cryptocurrency Data

by Finage
Also, we offer you a 15-year historical data API. ... Cryptocurrencies Finage offers you more than 1500+ cryptocurrency data as real-time.
Available for 147 countries
1.5K Symbols
10 years of historical data
100% Uptime
Starts at
$399 / month
Free sample available

NCFX Cryptocurrencies - Live Cryptocurrency Data, Global Coverage

by New Change FX
Live Crypto pricing for circa 200 currency pairs. ... This content is designed to inform you of exactly where the crypto currency market is trading at any
Available for 249 countries
340K updates per day per ccy
6 months of historical data
100% real market updates
Starts at
£2,000 / month
Free sample available

Cloud Giant Level 2 Order Book Data-Cryptocurrency

by Cloud Giant
We also use a fail safe data collection system to ensure that no raw data is missing. ... Real time data collection (provided within 3 hours) Cloud Giant ‘s order book data is collected raw which
Available for 240 countries
4 Exchanges
4 weeks of historical data
100% Level 2 order books
Starts at
$1 / hourly file
Free sample available
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Tick Historical Forex Data (£240 a year per currency pair)

by TraderMade
/market-data/historical-forex List of currency pairs include: USDJPY, EURUSD, USDMXN, GBPUSD, EURMXN ... . £240 per Currency Pair Up to 54 Currency Pairs CSV Files Learn More by visiting
Available for 72 countries
Pricing available upon request

Brain Sentiment Indicator - Currencies, Cryptocurrencies and Commodities

by Brain Company
The data are exported daily and are available by 6.00 AM UTC on a dedicated S3 bucket.. ... The sentiment data for each piece of news is averaged on two time scales, considering the piece of news
Available for 115 countries
60 commodities
3 years of historical data
Pricing available upon request
Free sample preview
Free sample available

FinPricing Cross Currency Basis Curve Data - USA, UK, Europe, Mexico, Japan, South Korea

by FinPricing
For a cross currency trade between one currency and another currency. ... Cross currency basis is an important element of currency management.
Available for 59 countries
100K records
100% market quotes
Pricing available upon request
Free sample available - TraderMade profile banner
Based in United Kingdom
TraderMade Is a Market-Leading Vendor of Data, Analytics & Charting Applications Within The Financial Markets.
with 99.9% uptime
Institutional clients
50+ years in-house experience - Twelve Data profile banner
Twelve Data
Based in Singapore
Twelve Data
We take the financial market data of the highest quality, add convenient formats and tools, with all running in cloud infrastructure - this is the recipe for...
Requests daily
Global exchanges - Graviton profile banner
Based in Luxembourg
Graviton is specialises in the Smart Deployment of Technology.
User friendly
Unique technical solutions
Completed Data
Based in Canada
FinPricing provides highly accurate global financial market data from real time to historical via GUI and API. The data are collected from various sources, i...
>5 years
> 60 years
Curve tenors
Interest rate coverage - Cryptoquote profile banner
Based in USA
Cryptoquote platform aggregates and processes real-time streaming L1/L2 price data and applies advanced analytics calculation engine to our database in order...
Cryptocurrency pairs
Historical Database
Level 1 & 2 - New Change FX profile banner
New Change FX
Based in United Kingdom
New Change FX
New Change FX is an award winning fintech company. We are an official regulated Benchmark Administrator. We specialise in delivering price transparency t...
ESMA/FCA Regulated Benchmarks
50 M/s
Per Currency/FX Benchmarks
1.728 Mio
Per Day / Currency Pair

The Ultimate Guide to Currency Data 2022

Learn about currency data analytics, sources, and collection.

What is Currency Data?

Currency data is a subset of financial market data. It is useful for calculations involving money especially between differet currencies. It can provide an insight into conversion and exchange rates and help you understand the value of different currencies.

How is Currency Data collected?

Currency data is collected by tracking real-time changes in the value of currencies and compiling this together often to make accurate conversion rates. Good datasets will collect the data regularly, as currency rates are constantly changing.

What are the attributes of Currency Data?

Typically currency data will provide real-time currency values. Good datasets will be regularly updated to reflect changing rates. Currency data will show conversion rates between currencies across the world. This does not have to be real currency, but can also be information on the value of currencies such as Bitcoin.

What is Currency Data used for?

Currency data has many different uses.

Businesses can buy currency data to provide accurate conversion rates between different currencies. This is especially useful for international buisnesses.

It can also be used for valuations and portfolio analytics which is important in risk management calculations. Currency data can also be used to predict changes in the market by highlighting trends for different currencies.

How can a user assess the quality of Currency Data?

The best currency data sets will provide regularly updated currency information. A good dataset will also provide historical data so that you can see how currency values have changed over time. Make sure to read the data provider’s reviews before you buy currency data. You should also ask for a currency data sample before buying to ensure that the currency dataset suits your needs.

Where can I buy Currency Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell Currency Data products and samples. Popular Currency Data products and datasets available on our platform are AAA GRAVITON: FOREX data, over 100 currency pairs available by Graviton, Hourly fx-spot_EUR_USD CloseMid data from 1999 by Olsen Data, and RDA Pricing: Fundamental Pricing Data for Cryptoassets by RDA Index.

How can I get Currency Data?

You can get Currency Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical Currency Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time Currency Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

What are similar data types to Currency Data?

Currency Data is similar to Alternative Data, ESG Data, Merger & Acquisition Data, Commodity Data, and Fixed Income Data. These data categories are commonly used for Investing and Asset Management.

What are the most common use cases for Currency Data?

The top use cases for Currency Data are Investing, Asset Management, and Currency Valuation.