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C-level B2B Contact Data - Lead Generation

by GBSN Research
We will identify contact information from relevant prospects within a given industry for your sales team so you can increase conversion, and secure great fit customers.
Available for 198 countries
1K leads
100% reliable sources
Available Pricing:
One-off purchase
Monthly License
Yearly License
10% Datarade discount

China - 🏢 B2B Firmographic data and Corporate websites - Chinese companies

by Octobot
Find B2B prospects in China and quickly asses market potential with a list of B2B companies and their ... prospects in China or realize market study with this dataset of corporate websites and firmographic data
Available for 1 countries
Starts at
$30 / purchase

Accutrend Data: B2B New Business Registration Information for USA

by Accutrend
At Accutrend, New Business Data is sourced daily to make it the newest data in the market and offers ... Accutrend New Business Data (ADC-NBD)  is new business registrations, procured from the city, county
Available for 1 countries
54.9M ADC Universe Count
17 years of historical data
Starts at
$120 / purchase
Free sample available

Singapore Data | List of B2B senior management / decision-maker contacts in Singapore

by Leadbook
Executives and Professionals Contact Data to connect with prospects to effectively market B2B products
Available for 1 countries
3K contacts with emails
1 months of historical data
97% accuracy guaranteed. No hard-bounces, No Spam traps
Starts at
$28.75 / purchase
Free sample available

B2b data set of Amazon private label sellers

by BizProspex
We have a B2B list of sellers from around the world who use Amazon private label to sell their products ... We have a B2B list of sellers who use Amazon private label around the world to sell their products on
Available for 249 countries
2K records approx.
100% match rate
Starts at
$100 / purchase
15% Datarade discount
Free sample available
revenue share

Rocks & Gold Job Postings Data (Europe, USA, Canada): 15M+ (50+ job boards) B2B Tech Hiring Requests

by Rocks & Gold
Rocks & Gold’s customers have access to the hiring data and patterns of more than 200 thousand actively
Available for 16 countries
15M job postings
3 years of historical data
99% websites from hiring company profiles
Starts at
$500 / purchase
5% Datarade discount
Free sample available
revenue share

B2B C- Level, Executives and Professionals Contact Data & Email List A* USA. 95% Deliverablity Guarantee

by Leads XL
in the United Sates to effectively market B2B products and services. ... in based in the United Sates to effectively market B2B products and services.
Available for 1 countries
24M Records
Starts at
$25 / purchase
Free sample available

China - ☎️ B2B Phone number - Chinese companies

by Octobot
All our data is updated regularly and includes only active companies, allowing you to reach the most ... Reach B2B prospects in China with a list of business phone numbers (landline or mobile).
Available for 1 countries
Starts at
$30 / purchase

USA B2B Finance Decision-makers Directors and above seniority

by Leadbook
B2B products and services. ... Executives and Professionals Contact Data in the USA to connect with prospects to effectively market
Available for 1 countries
15K B2B contacts with emails
1 months of historical data
97% Accuracy
Starts at
$28.75 / purchase
10% Datarade discount
Free sample available

USA C-level executives b2b contact dataset (e-mail, phone, addresses)

by BizProspex
This data set can be classified on the basis of job title, industry, or state. ... This data can be classified on the basis of job title, industry, or state.
Available for 1 countries
5K leads/year
2 years of historical data
100% match rate
Starts at
$200 / purchase
15% Datarade discount
Free sample available
revenue share - Blue Mail Media profile banner
Blue Mail Media
Based in USA
Blue Mail Media
Blue Mail Media's customized data marketing solutions will help businesses to thrive good results and achieve better ROI of marketing campaigns.
10 Yrs
Clients Served
Business Records - Infotanks Media profile banner
Infotanks Media
Based in USA
Infotanks Media
We are a data-driven digital marketing company curating high-quality databases for successful sales and marketing campaigns.
Higher ROI
Data Accuracy
Email Deliverability - Grepsr profile banner
Based in USA
Grepsr's managed data solution empowers businesses for continued success.
Records per day
Lifetime users
Countries - BoldData profile banner
Based in Netherlands
With unbeatable locally sourced data, skilled data experts and smart technology, we help tech start-ups, multinationals and non-profits to unlock the power o...
Data you can trust
> 250M
companies worldwide
> 2,000
happy customers - Thomson Data profile banner
Thomson Data
Based in USA
Thomson Data
Thomson Data provides highly responsive Marketing data intelligence solutions that can be custom-built to your specifications, enabling you to reach the righ...
Customer Retention
70 Million
B2B Contacts
Based in USA
BizProspex is a data mining company at core, we mine data from across the web for b2b intent, decision making and analytics.

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Data 2022

Learn about b2b data analytics, sources, and collection.

What is B2B Data?

B2B is shorthand for “Business to Business”, and it generally refers to who you sell your product to. If your company sells a product or service to other businesses, you’re a B2B company.

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B2B Data consists basically of all business related data. Whether it’s firmographics, techno graphical information or other type of company data like ESG, it offers a wide perspective on other organizations and has a large variety of use cases. Companies often use B2B Data to reach out to other businesses and pitch their services/products. B2B data analytics support customer acquisition and retention, and can help businesses identify new sales leads and get in touch with them.

Who uses B2B Data and for what use cases?

Let’s say you want to reach out to companies who are retail companies and in those companies, you want to reach out to the purchase managers. Prospecting for new buyers is one of the biggest challenges that face manufacturers. Data can help you, but sourcing B2B insights is hard to do in a time and cost efficient way - and that’s when you say hello to B2B database providers.

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Many sales and marketing people find it difficult to accurately target – or engage with – their ideal buyers. Data can help you to understand your audience and prospects better. This will help you to prioritize and plan your outreach campaigns for better results.

For example, a custom B2B sales data provider can provide you a list of specific sales triggers based on intent or technographic data that allow you to see if your prospects are interested in a product such as yours. With so many innovations in the business world, B2B Data is crucial to the results and productivity of marketing and sales teams. It can help with a range of activities such as using filters to create lists of contacts your sales team can use, providing your sales team with up-to-date, accurate data that can be used to get in touch with people who look like great leads for your business, and account-based marketing. Good B2B Data is the fuel for successful ABM campaigns.

Information on a company’s spending on tech can be used to qualify prospects before you engage with them.
The advantages are huge. The old-style methods of hunting down new business are obsolete. A lot of businesses still operate in “safe” mode, where they sell to who they’ve sold to in the past and try to squeeze in a little bit of prospecting effort on the side. Sales hardly increase.

With the help from data-driven knowledge, you can easily outperform the old school prospecting and reliance on repeat business model that many businesses are still relying on today.

What is B2B Data enrichment?

Customers looking to buy data online want value for their money. B2B data enrichment refers to the process of adding more layers to the existing data to make it more valuable. The benefits of B2B data enrichment include better segmentation and targeting, more sales opportunities, increased conversion rates, and effective nurturing of leads. Some B2B data providers in the market today specialize in offering B2B data enrichment tools.

What are typical B2B Data types?

There are different types of B2B Data you could use depending on your target accounts; your product; medium for lead generation; etc. Some of the different types of B2B data include accounts data, technographics data, firmographics data, intent data, engagement data and contact data.

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Let’s take a look at each of these in turn:

Firmographic data - Information that can be used to categorize organizations, such as geographic area, number of clients, type of organization, industry, technologies used and so on.

Technographic data - Refers to information about a company’s technographic profile and its use. Technographics is the profiling of target accounts based on the technology they use. It works at bringing depth to prospect profiles that are based on firmographics and is generally used by B2B sales/marketing teams to complete their understanding about their clients, prospects, and competitors.

Intent data - Provides insight into a web user’s purchase intent, allowing you to identify if and when a prospect is actively considering, or looking to purchase your (or similar) products or solutions, enabling informed, timely campaign decisions.

Contact data – As well as knowing the important facts about how a company operates, you need to know who the decision makers are so that you can get in touch with people who you can work with to actually make an impact. Contact data enables you to achieve precisely this.

Engagement data - Measures audience response: social media likes and shares, time spent on your webpage, bounce and exit rates, etc…

Accounts data - B2B data is the key ingredient to targeting the right people in the right accounts. Your company depends on accurate, up-to-date business marketing data. Account-based marketing uses personalized and highly tailored campaigns to generate leads. It is based on the assumption that B2B buying decisions are usually made by a select group of people rather than a single person.

Contact data - Lists of companies, including e-mail addresses of the contact persons working at those companies, that are used by other companies to get in contact with those other businesses to sell their products & services.

What is B2B Data exchange?

In a nutshell, B2B data exchange enables the integration of data from several businesses. This is achieved through B2B data providers setting up channels that allow partners to exchange data and therefore increase their efficiency, improve operational performance, and build stronger relationships. Under this exchange, IT organizations can create means through which business users can customize these processes according to sources and partners. Commercial B2B datasets from different enterprises are integrated and managed within the IT organization’s firewall. Some of the standard B2B connectivity protocols include APIs, FTP, databases, web services, and email.

What are B2B Data analytics?

B2B marketing analytics has three main components: dashboards, lenses and datasets. Datasets address the content, lenses address perspective, and dashboards address presentation. All three components should be customized according to the clients’ needs. B2B data analytics offers clarity in visualizing and organizing data. Accurate reporting plays a massive role in the marketing and sales strategy.

Simply put, data analytics focuses on data hygiene, advanced visualizations, full automation, and improved data monitoring accuracy. The increase in the amount of users buying B2B data online is greatly influenced by the increased use of data analytics.

How does Big Data affect B2B sales?

If you haven’t heard the term before, big data is essentially data which is used for predictive analytics and is too complex to be processed by traditional data handling tools. It can enhance a retailer’s manufacturing, marketing and targeting processes, understanding of the consumer purchase journey and, perhaps most importantly, edge over competitors better than any individual or traditional tool could, and for that reason is becoming increasingly popular.

Investing in big data can massively simplify the process of acquiring real-time B2B data, and from there, secure businesses’ B2B success through enhanced customer engagement and experience. While B2B marketing goals have more or less stayed the same throughout recent years, B2B marketing practices have not - they’ve become a lot slicker, a lot more customer-centric and a lot more efficient.

The use of a unified marketing system is vital to establish B2B customer demographics - it’s the difference between marketing, sales, orders, and several other online marketplace structures such as ERP, PIM, POS, and CMS all collaborating in real time to produce unified success and all those systems operating separately and producing confusion and, ultimately, sub-par results.

How is B2B Data typically collected?

B2B data collection starts with collecting what you already know and then finding the right sources to supplement it. Your internal data comes from your billing systems and CRM tools, and once you’ve got that you can then purchase external datasets to enrich existing knowledge to create in-depth insights about potential customers.

It’s important to define an end-goal as this will define what B2B data you require. For instance, sourcing new leads and understanding credit scores would require very different data. Once you’ve established what B2B data you require, you’ll be in a position to supplement your existing data with that supplied by a relevant B2B data provider.

External data providers work with the latest technologies to collect vast amounts of raw data for your needs. They implement technological solutions on the web to measure your prospects’ technological stack and buyers’ readiness, and have robots scraping the web for insights from social media, company registries, and more.

What are B2B Data append services?

B2B data reliability directly influences how much it costs. B2B data appending mainly refers to ensuring that historical B2B data is kept updated - data expires fast and so must be continuously updated.

Reliable data positively influences the price of B2B data because of the enormous demand for up-to-date data. There’s a range of use-case specific online tools available from B2B data providers that can be used to fill in missing data or correct wrong data. Personal data, such as emails and social media accounts data, is the most dynamic.

It’s also important to note that appending B2B data is instrumental in retaining clients whose contacts may have changed - no one wants to lose clients for no reason!

What is B2B data integration?

In a sentence, it’s the automation of business communication between many different organizations. Its main benefit is the effective trading and working between businesses and business partners, businesses and customers, and businesses and suppliers, which boosts trust, relationships and ultimately B2b subscriptions. Companies’ complex electronic data exchanges and B2B processes can be integrated using B2B integration platforms available on hosted cloud services to form a single gateway. The platform gathers source application data and translates it to standard format before sending it via an appropriate protocol to different business partners.

How to assess the quality of B2B data?

Good quality B2B data is essential for a business. One of the best ways to ensure your company is purchasing good B2B data is to buy from a reputable source. A good B2B provider will be GDPR-compliant and will have lots of satisfied customers. Ask your data provider to provide you with a list of reference customers with their contact information to check this out.

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A reliable data vendor will ensure the B2B data is regularly cleaned, validated, and updated to improve your ROI and make sure everything is up to date.

We also always recommend asking the provider for a sample set you can use to test the data in its intended environment before putting your name on a contract.

How is B2B data typically priced?

In-house systems or outsourced providers are the two main models for acquiring B2B data. In the first system, the company would need to purchase raw data and train a team or else hire a freelancer to cleanse it. This is a time-consuming method. Sourcing, cleansing, validating, and storing your B2B data takes a lot of work and can become costly.

Depending on the data type and its use case some of the more common pricing models we see in the market include:

  • Monthly subscriptions to real time databases
  • One time payments for larger historical datasets
  • Custom quotes for larger enterprises with special needs

Most companies prefer to rely on automated B2B data solutions and have their sales team’s time better spent having conversations with qualified leads and closing new business. B2B data service providers handle the data’s accuracy, freshness, and GDPR compliance, leaving your team free to spend their valuable time closing deals.

What are the common challenges when buying B2B data?

One of the common challenges of B2B data is storing it. More so than ever, GDPR-compliant data is an absolute must, so it’s just not an option for companies to neglect investing in secure data storage.

Ensuring accurate up-to-date data is another challenge. Many organizations have challenges with email deliverability, and email databases decay by over time. How to fix this? Regular data validation - it’ll help reduce bad matches, low engagement rates, and high email bounce rates.

Does GDPR apply to B2B data?

In short: yes, it most definitely does.

Data is protected by European law: general data protection regulation (GDPR). GDPR applies to B2B data, and generally speaking, whenever personal data (to clarify, any information that can be used to identify a person e.g. personal email address, IP addresses, phone number etc) is being processed. Marketing and B2B sales teams are the most affected sections by the GDPR on personal data, so it’s important for companies to make sure they pay close attention to sticking within the guidelines - GDPR non-compliance by commercial B2B dataset platforms can lead to sanctions, payment of liability damages, or suspension.

What to ask B2B data providers?

  • How is the B2B data collected?
  • Does the B2B data system remove inaccurate data (e.g. out of date job titles) and remove duplicates that already exist in your database?
  • Does the B2B data system validate the emails using relevant tools?
  • Does the B2B data system have integrative tools, provide insights into your customers, provide access to valuable sales triggers etc?


So, that’s a wrap! We hope our overview of B2B data has shed some light on the B2B data type that will be useful for you!

Be sure to check out the list of B2B data providers on Datarade for help finding the right B2B data for you.

Where can I buy B2B Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell B2B Data products and samples. Popular B2B Data products and datasets available on our platform are C-level B2B Contact Data - Lead Generation by GBSN Research, China - 🏢 B2B Firmographic data and Corporate websites - Chinese companies by Octobot, and Accutrend Data: B2B New Business Registration Information for USA by Accutrend.

How can I get B2B Data?

You can get B2B Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical B2B Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time B2B Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

What are similar data types to B2B Data?

B2B Data is similar to Environmental Data, Energy Data, Real Estate Data, Geospatial Data, and Commerce Data. These data categories are commonly used for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and B2B Marketing.

What are the most common use cases for B2B Data?

The top use cases for B2B Data are Account-Based Marketing (ABM), B2B Marketing, and Lead Prioritization.

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