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What is IP Address Data?

IP address data is information about different users IP addresses. It is used for the location and identification of different IP addresses and is primarily used by marketers to locate consumers. Datarade helps you find the best IP address datasets.Learn more

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ShipsDNA: Global Maritime Companies Data (including company IMO, full name, address, email, phone, website)

by ShipsDNA
Our database include various company types - ship-breakers, owners, commercial managers, technical managers, operators, financial institutes, government entities etc. Full contact details and co...
Available for 249 countries
20K maritime companies data
2 years of historical data
97% accuracy
Starts at
$5,000 / purchase
10% Datarade discount
Free sample available
10% revenue share
Start icon5.0(7) Custom IP Address Datasets On Demand | Global Coverage, Tailored IP Address Data

by IPinfo
Special IP datasets on request: we are open to new data types creation and coming up with something special ... Custom IP data types made by specifically for your use case, support SLA, dedicated account
Available for 249 countries
65M rows
5 years of historical data
Starts at
$10,000 / purchase
Free sample available

BigDataCloud's IP Address Geolocation API for Cybersecurity Systems and Professionals

by BigDataCloud
to provide the most accurate IP address to geolocation data at a submillisecond speed. ... The API is based on a patent-pending technology to resolve a location of an IP address that makes it
Available for 249 countries
Starts at
$3 / 10000 API Calls
Free sample available
Start icon5.0(1)

IP2Location - IP Address Geolocation Database Global

by IP2Location
IP2Location™ IP Address Geolocation Database provides a solution to determine the approximate geographic ... location of an IP address along with some other useful information like country, region or state, city
Available for 248 countries
Pricing available upon request

Global IP database - Mobile derived IP for every geo on the globe

Our IP database is one of the largest and most comprehensive out there. ... Derived from billions of mobile devices, this database holds 100’s of billions of IP addresses, connected
Available for 249 countries
100B events
3 months of historical data
Pricing available upon request
Free sample available

IP Address + Mobile ID + Email/HEM

by Reklaim
IP Address + MAID and Email. ... File can be delivered weekly or monthly with net new and opt outs provided IP Address + MAID and Email
Available for 2 countries
Available Pricing:
One-off purchase
Yearly License
Free sample available

IP to Domain - Versium REACH Business Direct

by Versium
Receive firmographic data for an IP address that includes up to 3 likely businesses, including key attributes ... With Versium REACH’s IP to Domain you unlock the ability to de-anonymize your database of IP addresses
Available for 1 countries
30M Businesses
Available Pricing:
Yearly License
Free sample available
revenue share

Location & Address Data Global (1.8 billion addresses)

by Matrixian
We have a location database in which every address in the globe can be found. ... We have a location database in which every address in the globe can be found.
Available for 249 countries
1.8T addresses
Pricing available upon request
Start icon5.0(7) Anonymous IP Address Database | Global | VPN, Proxy, Tor, Hosting Detection | IP Reputation

by IPinfo
We can combine data from multiple sources (IP location, Anonymous IPs, and other data types) into one ... Reach out to our data experts to get a data sample!
Available for 249 countries
11M rows
1 years of historical data
Starts at
$1,000 / purchase
Free sample available

Global IP Proxy Data for Cyber Security - Infatica

by Infatica
for data access and collection; High ranking for Locations, Anonymity, Speed, Reliability, Connection ... Over 1 million daily unique IPs; IP rotation; 3-day free trial test; Ethical and white-listed proxies
Available for 131 countries
Starts at
$360 / month
Free sample available - IPinfo profile banner
Based in USA
IPinfo is an IP data provider specializing in IP geolocation, ASN, IP to company, IP to carrier, IP ranges, hosted domains, and other data types. IPinfo A...
46 billion
API requests per month
Great team
doing big things.
businesses use IPinfo services - IP2Location profile banner
Based in Malaysia
Geo IP solution to identify country, region, city, latitude & longitude, ZIP code, time zone, connection speed, ISP, domain name, IDD country code, area code...
Data Sets
API Calls
Active Users - BigDataCloud profile banner
Based in Australia
BigData Cloud provides the industry’s most performant, scalable and flexible APIs. Built for eCommerce, Ad Agencies, Financial Institution, Saas, CRM Systems...
Based in USA
WhoisXML is a data provider offering IP Address Data, IP To Geolocation Data, Mobile IP Data, Anonymous IP Data, and IP Proxy Data. They are headquartered in... - profile banner
Based in USA is a mobile data platform. (formerly StartApp) enables organizations to uncover insights and make data-driven decisions that enhance strate...
SDK Downloads
USERs - Versium profile banner
Based in USA
We develop easy-to-use data technology products for businesses to identify, understand, and reach their most ideal prospects. We operate with integrity to cr...
Increase In Online Reach
Trillion Insight Attributes
95% Fill
Rate For Business Addresses

The Ultimate Guide to IP Address Data 2022

Learn about ip address data analytics, sources, and collection.

What is IP Address Data?

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a label attached to each device connected to a computer network. IP addresses serve two main functions: host or network identification, and location addressing. Both of these functions are used by businesses to identify and locate their customers in order to maxmize their company’s profit potential.

How is IP Address Data collected?

Every device has an IP address and this is recorded whenever you visit a website. Software can then use your address to locate your device and identify the networks you are connected to.

What are the attributes of IP Address Data?

An IP address is either made up of a 32-bit or a newer 128-bit number which can be used for device location and identification. IP addresses are written in human-readable notations, though the format depends on whether it is 32- or 128-bit address.
Other attributes of an IP address dataset could be more detailed information on the user to whom the address belongs - this could be their location, what kind of device they are using or what sites they are visiting among other details.

What is IP Address Data used for?

Marketers and businesses primarily use IP address because it allows them to tailor their products and campaigns to specific people once they know details about their location or device. By linking a user’s IP address to the sites they visit, the content they engage with, and the behavior and transactions they carry out online, marketers and businesses can build a comprehensive profile of this online user. These kind of profiles can be very helpful for localised marketing campaigns to only target people in a specific area, or for behavioral-based targeting. This helps to improve ROI via smart allocation of marketing resources: it would be a waste to apply a blanket approach to all customer, and this is why IP address data is so important for companies to create ultra-targeting precision marketing campaigns.

How can a user assess the quality of IP Address Data?

For an IP address dataset to be of the highest quality, it should provide exact information about IP addresses and should be regularly updated and consolidated. A wide scope of coverage is very useful so that you can have information on many different consumers. IP address data is information about different users IP addresses. Always read the data provider’s reviews before you buy and ask for a data sample to check the IP address data provided matches your needs before purchasing.

Where can I buy IP Address Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell IP Address Data products and samples. Popular IP Address Data products and datasets available on our platform are ShipsDNA: Global Maritime Companies Data (including company IMO, full name, address, email, phone, website) by ShipsDNA, Custom IP Address Datasets On Demand | Global Coverage, Tailored IP Address Data by IPinfo, and BigDataCloud’s IP Address Geolocation API for Cybersecurity Systems and Professionals by BigDataCloud.

How can I get IP Address Data?

You can get IP Address Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical IP Address Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time IP Address Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

What are similar data types to IP Address Data?

IP Address Data is similar to Semantic Website Data, News Data, Web Scraping Data, Web Traffic Data, and Clickstream Data. These data categories are commonly used for Address Data Enrichment.

What are the most common use cases for IP Address Data?

The top use cases for IP Address Data are Address Data Enrichment.

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