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ShipsDNA MaritimeData: Global vessel (Ships) Inspection dataset

by ShipsDNA
port states often reveal what could be invaluable information for would-be charterers, financiers, and ... Being able to see a vessel deficiencies and to know whether it has been detained in the past or not can
Available for 249 countries
1 months of historical data
97% accuracy
Starts at
$1,000 / purchase
Free sample available
Instantly Purchasable Datasets
Ships & vessels inspections report data
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ShipsDNA MaritimeData: Global vessel (Ships) accident & casualty report dataset

by ShipsDNA
Sometimes it is newsworthy for print media and as such we put a lot of effort to gather this data as ... Although not widely reported, maritime accidents are a daily occurrence and can make for good newsworthy
Available for 249 countries
200 ship accidents and casualty reports
2 years of historical data
97% accuracy
Starts at
$1,000 / purchase
10% Datarade discount
Free sample available
10% revenue share
Instantly Purchasable Datasets
Ships & Vessels casualty report data
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MariTrace Vessel port entry and exit times globally

by MariTrace
Takes a vessel or array of vessels and returns port areas (e.g. port boundaries, berths) that those vessels ... have visited or takes a given area or array of areas (e.g. port boundaries, berths) and returns the
Available for 249 countries
7.5K Ports monitored
6 years of historical data
Available Pricing:
One-off purchase
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Free sample available
Based in USA
FreightWaves is a data provider offering Aviation Data, Freight Data, Marine Traffic Data, Maritime Data, and 3 others. They are headquartered in United Stat... - Market Inside Data profile banner
Market Inside Data
Based in United Kingdom
Market Inside Data
Our Database Contains: • 220+ Countries’ Global Trade Data • 100+ Million Importer-Exporter Shipment Records • 60+ Million Import-Export Companies • 40+ ...
2M +
Trade Data - Datalastic profile banner
Based in Netherlands
1 API key to access full maritime database in less than 5 minutes. Choose your plan, subscribe, and receive your maritime API key by email.
Vessels in the Database
Servers Up-time
Customers - Matrixian Group profile banner
Matrixian Group
Based in Netherlands
Matrixian Group
By combining our high-quality location, POI, real estate, household, business, mobility and logistics data with smart technology and expertise, we provide ou...
169 countries mapped
+ 500 mln
Objects in our database
24 TB
24 TB data collected yearly - PTV Group profile banner
PTV Group
Based in Germany
PTV Group
• Spatial Data • Cloud Services • Software & Tools • Consulting
flexible - MBI Geodata profile banner
MBI Geodata
Based in Germany
MBI Geodata
MBI is a data company with a key focus on building global consistent and comparable datasets. Preferred data provider & partner to leading IT & GIS companies...
globally consistent
strict & continuous controls

The Ultimate Guide to Transport and Logistics Data 2021

Learn about transport and logistics data analytics, sources, and collection.

What is Transport & Logisitics Data?

Transport and logistics data is information to do with the transportation of goods and the logistics that is involved in this process. This information is used to improve supply chains and for the most efficient logistics management. Logistics management controls the flow and storage of goods or services and any related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption. This means the term ‘logistics’ covers a wide ground and is central to many businesses. It is for this reason that transport and logistics datasets are crucial; this information is used by businesses to make sure they are running at their most efficient capacity.

How is Transport & Logisitics Data collected?

As transport and logistics datasets cover two terms, there are different ways of collecting relevant data for these datasets.

Transportation data - Data about transport routes are collected using location data, like current fleet coordinates and routes, and general location information, such as map details and road or route information. This information is used to make the transport of goods as efficient as it can be and transport and logistics datasets are often used to predict potential problems or plan the quickest way from supplier to consumer.

Logistics data - There are multiple sources of logistics data. This may be information about the transportation vehicle or storage equipment or the goods that are being transported themselves. Logistics data may also be collected from the supplier of the goods, such as their location and entity details and description.

What are the attributes of Transport & Logisitics Data?

As with the sources of transport and logistics data, the typical attributes of this information can normally be split into two parts.

Transportation data - Information about the transportation of goods itself will make up one part of a transport and logistics dataset. Commonly, this will be details such as the best routes from supplier to consumer or retailer, stops that can be made en route, and even real-time road traffic conditions. Often, map data will be provided which can present alternative routes for transportation vehicles or fleets if there are issues with the planned route.

Logistics data - The rest of a transport and logistics dataset will consist of logisitcal information to ensure that the process of moving goods is as efficient as possible. Logistics information can include details about the pick-up and drop-off locations to ensure goods are loaded and unloaded swiftly. It may also provide useful insights into how to optimize your logistics by presenting key analytical information, such as how to combine routes to multiple locations.

What is Transport & Logisitics Data used for?

Many businesses and companies use transport and logistics data to ensure that their business runs smoothly and efficiently. Companies that are selling goods rely on this information to ensure that their shipments are coming on time and that the process will be quick. Transportation and logistics companies especially rely on these datasets because they can provide real-time solutions to problems that drivers and transportation fleets can experience while on the move.

Companies also use the information provided by transport and logistics datasets to reduce excess costs and increase their profit margins by highlight potential problem areas and then resolving these issues. This can be anything from traffic problems on the road to issues in the warehouse.

How can a user assess the quality of Transport & Logisitics Data?

The best transport and logistics datasets will provide real-time and accurate information. This is crucial especially when it comes to route planning and problem solving while on the move and for this reason businesses need datasets which are accurate and reliable.

Historical transport and logistics data is often less important for the best quality datasets, however it can be useful in identifying issues that appear regularly and helping businesses resolve these.

Always read the transport and logisitics data provider’s reviews before you buy any transport and logistics data and make sure to ask for a data sample in advance of purchase to ensure that the data provided matches your needs.

Who are the best Transport and Logistics Data providers?

Finding the right Transport and Logistics Data provider for you really depends on your unique use case and data requirements, including budget and geographical coverage. Popular Transport and Logistics Data providers that you might want to buy Transport and Logistics Data from are FreightWaves, Market Inside Data, Datalastic, Matrixian Group, and PTV Group.

Where can I buy Transport and Logistics Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell Transport and Logistics Data products and samples. Popular Transport and Logistics Data products and datasets available on our platform are Datalastic Ships Information Data | Maritime API | 750,000+ ships by Datalastic, ShipsDNA MaritimeData: Global vessel (Ships) Inspection dataset by ShipsDNA, and HERE Fleet Telematics Data API - Transport & Logistics Data provided by MBI Geodata by MBI Geodata.

How can I get Transport and Logistics Data?

You can get Transport and Logistics Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical Transport and Logistics Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time Transport and Logistics Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

What are similar data types to Transport and Logistics Data?

Transport and Logistics Data is similar to Environmental Data, B2B Data, Energy Data, Real Estate Data, and Geospatial Data. These data categories are commonly used for Supply Chain Intelligence and Asset Tracking.

What are the most common use cases for Transport and Logistics Data?

The top use cases for Transport and Logistics Data are Supply Chain Intelligence, Asset Tracking, and Predictive Visibility.

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