Best Trucking Fleet Datasets, Databases & APIs

What is Trucking Fleet Data?

Trucking fleet data provides tracking insight on trucking fleets across the world. It is mainly used by logistics companies to keep their fleets at maximum operational capacity and to ensure the fleet moves swiftly and efficiently.Learn more

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Vehicle Fleet & Brands Data (LATAM) by PREDIK Data-Driven

by Predik Data-driven
where the data is available. ... The data compiled shows the different characteristics of the vehicles circulating in each of the countries
Available for 8 countries
1M device_count
7 years of historical data
Available Pricing:
One-off purchase
Monthly License
Yearly License

PTV Validate |Traffic Volume Data for Cars & Trucks in France, Germany, Switzerland

by PTV Group
The traffic data from Validate can be used for site analysis and many other applications. • Traffic model ... network model based on constantly updated navigation networks from Here • Network status and traffic data
Available for 3 countries
5.5M records
10 years of historical data
Available Pricing:
One-off purchase
Yearly License
Free sample available

Connected Mobility & Live Vehicle Tracking Data Probes for India, Kenya, Nigeria & Cameroon - Anonymized - Real Time

by Zeliot Connected Services
probes collected by various fleet of vehicles Data probes contain: • Session ID • Device time • Latitude ... analysis • Optimization of vehicle performance • Vehicle health • Infrastructure conditions Mobility data
Available for 4 countries
500 million records per month
6 months of historical data
80% match rate
Pricing available upon request
5% Datarade discount
Free sample available
10% revenue share

HERE Routing - provided by MBI Geodata

by MBI Geodata
Get accurate ETAs with routing algorithms that use rich map data sets and dynamically updated information ... Historical traffic Help users avoid traffic and potential delays with historical traffic data at a particular
Available for 147 countries
126 Full Navigable Coverage
Available Pricing:
Yearly License
Free sample available
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Transports & Logistics: POI and Transaction Data in US

by SafeGraph
This data can be joined with other SafeGraph data on building footprint and listing information, including ... This high-quality data also includes open and close dates, category tags, and the Placekey universal
Available for 3 countries
11M POI (Points of Interest)
3 years of historical data
Starts at
$0.10 / purchase
Free sample available - SafeGraph profile banner
Based in USA
SafeGraph is a data company that builds datasets on the physical world for teams at ESRI, Microsoft, Sysco, and Goldman Sachs. Our high-precision Places data...
POI in US and CAN
Brands in US and CAN
Fill Rates - Predik Data-driven profile banner
Predik Data-driven
Based in Costa Rica
Predik Data-driven
We are experts in the collection, extraction, management and analysis of large volumes of all types of data, from alternative and complex sources to traditio...
Updated & consistent
Latam, US, Asia Markets
Strict & precise controls - PTV Group profile banner
PTV Group
Based in Germany
PTV Group
• Spatial Data • Cloud Services • Software & Tools • Consulting
flexible - MBI Geodata profile banner
MBI Geodata
Based in Germany
MBI Geodata
MBI is a data company with a key focus on building global consistent and comparable datasets. Preferred data provider & partner to leading IT & GIS companies...
globally consistent
strict & continuous controls - Zeliot Connected Services profile banner
Zeliot Connected Services
Based in India
Zeliot Connected Services
ZELIOT is a new age company consisting a group of young and zealous individuals with a passion to innovate and build awesome products. Our connected mobility...
real time data
Based in Canada
GEOTAB is a data provider offering Map Data and Trucking Fleet Data. They are headquartered in Canada.

The Ultimate Guide to Trucking Fleet Data 2022

Learn about trucking fleet data analytics, sources, and collection.

What is Trucking Fleet Data?

Trucking fleet data is a sub-category of Transport and Logistics data. It provides real-time tracking of transport fleets as well as an insight in the operational systems of your trucking fleet to make sure they run as smoothly as possible. The trucking data is often analyzed and standardized by the data provider to ensure the clearest insight into your fleet’s logistics and transportation efficiency.

How is Trucking Fleet Data collected?

Trucking fleet data is collected by gathering information about individual vessels in a fleet and collating this all in one dataset to give you the most comprehensive view of your fleet’s capacity. It consists of information about truck routes, fuel calculations as well as general logistics information which is all provided by the fleet while it’s on the move. This is done because each vehicle is installed with a GPS monitor to report the vehicle’s position, speed and ETA.

What are the attributes of Trucking Fleet Data?

Typically, in a trucking fleet dataset you would information on trucking routes and how to make your fleet’s routes more efficient and effective. There may also be information on your trucks’ fuel capacity and how to optimize this for maximum performance.
Some trucking fleet datasets will also provide logisitics solutions to ensure sophisticated truck navigation and dispatch optimization.

What is Trucking Fleet Data used for?

Logistics companies and businesses use trucking fleet data to make sure that their fleets move at the most efficient speed and optimum capacity, so as to reduce cost of ownership. The data must be comprehensive enough to highlight areas that your fleet could be improved, whether this be by changing the fleet’s route or by reducing the number of vehicles on the road. The main use is to ensure that your business is as profitable as possible, and trucking fleet data supplies the metrics and intelligence shows fleet ownders exactly how to achieve this.

How can a user assess the quality of Trucking Fleet Data?

For the best trucking fleet datasets, you want information that is comprehensive and regularly updated. Historical information is also useful for data analysis, but less essential as the data if often used to solve real-time problems to make your fleet as efficient as possible. Always make sure to read the data provider’s reviews before you buy and ask for a data sample before purchasing to make sure their data matches your specific needs.

Where can I buy Trucking Fleet Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell Trucking Fleet Data products and samples. Popular Trucking Fleet Data products and datasets available on our platform are Vehicle Fleet & Brands Data (LATAM) by PREDIK Data-Driven by Predik Data-driven, PTV Validate |Traffic Volume Data for Cars & Trucks in France, Germany, Switzerland by PTV Group, and Connected Mobility & Live Vehicle Tracking Data Probes for India, Kenya, Nigeria & Cameroon - Anonymized - Real Time by Zeliot Connected Services.

How can I get Trucking Fleet Data?

You can get Trucking Fleet Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical Trucking Fleet Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time Trucking Fleet Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

What are similar data types to Trucking Fleet Data?

Trucking Fleet Data is similar to Traffic Data, Aviation Data, Freight Data, Road Data, and Trade Data. These data categories are commonly used for Supply Chain Monitoring and Traffic Analysis.

What are the most common use cases for Trucking Fleet Data?

The top use cases for Trucking Fleet Data are Supply Chain Monitoring, Traffic Analysis, and Supply Chain Intelligence.