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Datarade has become my go-to platform when I'm searching for external data.

Data Manager, Global B2B Software Company

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by zeotap

Gather 1st party data from your CRM, web and app properties and gather customer insights Resolve identities for the gathered 1st party data - both offline<>online or online<>online – with zeotap...

by X-Mode

Shop til you drop! These shopaholics make their purchases at Retail locations like Target, Best Buy, or Nordstroms. Customers have visited any retail location at least once in the past 90 days. Ab...
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The Schober Information Group has been Europe's leading marketing service provider for over 60 years. It supports customers with data, data solutions and technologies in market development - nation...


United States of America
i360 sits on the bleeding edge of technology, delivering innovative products and services through the strategic use of data, software and analytics. Bringing together this unique set of data scien...

Edison Trends

United States of America
Edison Trends measures digital commerce through actual purchase receipts from our proprietary GDPR compliant panel. We capture item level brand details from over 850 merchants, across all devices, ...
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The platform is easy-to-use, insightful, and the sheer scale of their data provider network is astonishing.

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