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Credit scoring examines the borrower’s capability to pay back a given loan. Financial institutions and other lenders use data collected from payment history and credit records to evaluate risks associated with certain transactions.
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GeoCreditIQ contains multiple geographic-level data points related to consumer credit.
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Credit spread is the credit funding cost for a firm. For many products, credit spread is the major risk driver. Credit spread impacts discounting, default pr...
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Risika A/S offers high quality data on all companies in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. The data content includes (but does not limit to) basic company ...
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Provides B2B credit risk reports This Data covers: Firmographic, Financials, KYC, AML/Financial Crime/PEP Check/Adverse Media Check,Global and Local Risk S...
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Provides B2B data/insights on all companies world over. This Data covers: Firmographic, Financials, AML/Financial Crime/PEP Check/Adverse Media Check, Ru...
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This new innovative platform allows companies/organizations to get a comprehensive 360° view of their client’s creditworthiness, affordability, identity, and... - Infocredit Group profile banner
Infocredit Group
Based in Cyprus
Infocredit Group
Infocredit Group is a leading provider of business intelligence and risk management solutions for 50 years. Its core services include: Credit Risk Management...
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Rubix Data Sciences
Based in India
Rubix Data Sciences
Rubix helps you take prudent credit risks, build a robust supply chain & monitor compliance for your business partners. - AnalyticsIQ profile banner
Based in USA
AnalyticsIQ is a predictive marketing data company that creates data to understand the complete view of individuals - regardless of whether they are at home ... - Factori profile banner
Based in USA
Factori is a flexible and adaptable data provider. We help you make smarter decisions and build better solutions based on real world location data.
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Based in Canada
FinPricing provides highly accurate global financial market data from real time to historical via GUI and API. The data are collected from various sources, i...
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With Risika Data you get unique and exact data delivered in the format you want, when you want. Always stay updated and benefit from our data on all Nordic c...
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