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Technographic data refers to information about a company’s technographic profile and its use. It works as an asset in bringing depth to prospect profiles that are based on firmographics and it is generally used by B2B sales/marketing teams to complete their understanding about their clients, prospects, and competitors.

We compiled a list of technographics providers you can discover and compare during your hunt for data.

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Learn more about Technographic Data

In more detail, this data type provides insights on prospect’s technology purchases, additions, and declines. Technographics can measure the utilization of digital platforms such as social media platforms and indicate engagement patterns including time, location, duration and demographics of users.

Common Data Attributes for Technographic Data:

  • Hardware (Technology Installs)
  • Software (CRM, HR, ERP…)
  • Networks and services components (Cloud Services, Servers)
  • Technology spend
  • Technology competitors
  • Website traffic, (global monthly visits), Website Category
  • IP address ranges
  • Technology adoption & trends / industry insights (in aggregation) / technology market shares

Top 5 Use Cases of Technographic Data

  • ABM/Demand Generation - understanding the prospect’s complex technological stack
  • White spacing - penetrating new market segments
  • News driven campaigns - creating marketing campaigns related to prospect’s actions
  • Customer retention - understanding your client’s technological milestones and pain points
  • Business Intelligence - understanding competition, customers, and market opportunities

Sources and Data Collection

This data type can be sourced from:

  • Phone or email surveys (cold calling and email surveying)
  • Document scraping: Job postings, white papers, press releases digital
  • Online scraping (scanning the web using a mix of web crawling, natural language processing [NLP] and third party providers)
  • Technographic data aggregation companies (data vendors) that are providing this information in a convenient and scalable way - especially for technology types that cannot be captured through online scraping