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Global Location, POI, Business, and Sentiment Data .

by The Data Appeal Company
We deliver accurate, detailed data in standard JSON format or Data Packages POI data includes property ... Our data and KPIs are available in historical series with up to 4 years of depth.
Available for 240 countries
300 Billion Pieces of Online Content Analyzed Each Day
4 years of historical data
Starts at
$49 / purchase
Free sample available

GaiaLens News Data: real-time (refreshed daily), covers c.17,000 global publicly traded companies, tracks

by GaiaLens
We can offer the news data in two formats: 1) News flow: all news flow for our company coverage including
Available for 91 countries
17K companies
10 years of historical data
100% population
Starts at
$4,000 / purchase
Free sample available

Lifesight Web Data | Global web browsing & activity data feed (4.2 Billion records)

by Lifesight
This data can be used to analyze web behaviour across the web and build highly accurate audience segments ... We offer web activity data of users that are browsing popular websites around the world.
Available for 247 countries
4.2B Web Data Records
1 years of historical data
Starts at
$4,000 / month
Free sample available

All-in-one SEO platform: Keyword reseacrh, Rank tracker, Website analysis, Site audit, Ads (PPC) research and Backlink analysis

by Serpstat
clear and convenient reports for colleagues and clients from ready-made blocks containing Serpstat data ... Combine any data from different modules in one report Customize the visual display of reports according
Available for 240 countries
Pricing available upon request
Free sample available

Top-10 CMS websites with contacts

Collected data is enriched with additional info and available in Search Engine. ... intelligence apps that provide accurate technical information on IP addresses, domain names, websites, web
Available for 249 countries
19.6M URLs
Pricing available upon request
Free sample available

Oxylabs SERP Data Platform - get structured results from search engines

by Oxylabs
Extract data from most websites without getting blocked. Proxy rotator for block management. ... Real-Time Crawler search engine API provides parsed data for: Organic Popular products Paid
Available for 249 countries
100% Success rate
Starts at
$99 / month
Free sample available

IP2Location - IP Geolocation Global Web Service via REST API (4 Billion IP addresses)

by IP2Location
IP2Location™ IP Geolocation web service is a REST API providing a service to do a reverse IP location
Available for 248 countries
Pricing available upon request
Free sample available

peekd search intelligence data (SEO, keyword performance, global coverage, GDPR-compliant)

by peekd
peekd’s first-party data is sourced from a fully opted-in panel of websites. ... We cover more unique organic searches across almost all countries than all major SEO data providers.
Available for 240 countries
6 years of historical data
Pricing available upon request
10% Datarade discount
Free sample available
5.0(5) Custom IP Address Datasets On Demand | Global Coverage, Tailored IP Address Data

by IPinfo
manager, data consulting, data download/feeds, invoiced payments. ... for your data needs.
Available for 249 countries
65M rows
5 years of historical data
Starts at
$10,000 / purchase
Free sample available

Swash Clickstream Data - User Search Data on Top Search Engines

by Swash
We capture and aggregate search data of users on desktop browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, ... This data includes search query, ranked search result, search result item clicked by the user, ads result
Available for 64 countries
3K users
6 months of historical data
Starts at
$5 / Hour
Free sample available - IPinfo profile banner
Based in USA
IPinfo is an IP data provider specializing in IP geolocation, ASN, IP to company, IP to carrier, IP ranges, hosted domains, and other data types. IPinfo A...
46 billion
API requests per month
Great team
doing big things.
businesses use IPinfo services - Swash profile banner
Based in Finland
Swash is a browser plugin that collects Search & Click Feed, Navigation Feed, Transaction Feed data across major domains. We provide zero-party consumer d...
Collection methods
Data - Serpstat profile banner
Based in Ukraine
We help SEO specialists improve their clients' sites via our tool. You save money: We’re an all-in-one SEO tool comprising backlink analysis, keyword & co...
Google & Yandex databases
Ads - K-Meta profile banner
Based in USA
Pro-level Keyword Research Tools, in a refreshingly simple and usable interface. Data provider offering Keywords databases, API for SEO software companies an...
4 years
Historical Data
Data - Oxylabs profile banner
Based in Lithuania
We are a market-leading proxy and web scraping solution service for large-scale public data gathering, driven by high business standards and innovations.
102M+ IPs
Around the globe
Powered solution
Proxy rotation - DataForSEO profile banner
Based in Ukraine
API for SEO software companies and agencies. We provide comprehensive SEO and digital marketing data solutions via API at a predictable price. You’ll f...
live chat support
data accuracy

The Ultimate Guide to Web Data 2022

Learn about web data analytics, sources, and collection.

What is Web Data?

Web data is an incredibly broad term. It encompasses a wide range of information which is collected from websites and apps about different users’ browsing habits, online behaviors and preferences. It can also include information about the consumer themselves, such as their details, search and purchase intent or online interests.

How is Web Data collected?

Web data is collected through first and third-party sources which is then combined together by web providers to create accurate web datasets and online consumer profiles.

First-party data - Internal data sources are ways of collecting data that comes from the site you are visiting itself. This included trackers like cookies and website or app analytics. Normally, these sources tell you information such as how long a user spent on the website, which pages they clicked through on the same domain and personal details such as the user’s IP address or location.

Third-party data - External sources of web data collect information about a user as they browse different pages to track their preferences and interests. Third-party data collecters collect details about a user’s online habits to create an accurate consumer profile.

Information from these two data sources is used together to populate the contents of a web dataset.

What are the attributes of Web Data?

Typically, a web dataset will contain various different data points about people’s online habits and preferences. This can be broken down into different types of information including:

Personal user information - This normally includes information about the users themselves, such as their IP address or mobile device ID, but has can also provide more detailed intelligence such as their age bracket, ethnicity and gender.

Browsing preferences - A web dataset will provide detailed insights into a user’s online preferences. By using a combination of third- and first-party sources, data providers can create an accurate user profile including their interests and online shopping behaviors.

Online intent information - Some web datasets may also provide information about users’ online intent. This can include search intent, purchase intent and online category interests.

Website analytics - web data can also provide information about the traffic to a certain website or app. This can be how many people visited the website over a certain period of time, how long they stayed and whether ultimately they clicked through and purchased anything.

What is Web Data used for?

Typically, web dataset is used by marketers and online advertisers. By tracking different users’ intents and preferences, these companies can accurately tailor their adveritising campaigns to suit people’s personal preference and therefore increase ad revenue and generate profits.

Web data is also sometimes used by researchers in order to conduct market research, such as in order to assess the health of an app or website. By using web data they can see the number of visitors to the website and evaluate its performance in comparison to other similar sites.

How can a user assess the quality of Web Data?

The highest quality web datasets will be regularly updated with real-time analytics and website or app visitor information. They will also provide accruate key details about users and their online habits and preferences so that companies can efficiently use this information in their marketing campaigns.

Always make sure to read the data provider’s reviews before you and and ask for a data sample in advance of purchase to ensure that the web data provided matches your personal needs.

Where can I buy Web Data?

Data providers and vendors listed on Datarade sell Web Data products and samples. Popular Web Data products and datasets available on our platform are Global Location, POI, Business, and Sentiment Data . by The Data Appeal Company, GaiaLens News Data: real-time (refreshed daily), covers c.17,000 global publicly traded companies, tracks 50 ESG themes by GaiaLens, and Lifesight Web Data | Global web browsing & activity data feed (4.2 Billion records) by Lifesight.

How can I get Web Data?

You can get Web Data via a range of delivery methods - the right one for you depends on your use case. For example, historical Web Data is usually available to download in bulk and delivered using an S3 bucket. On the other hand, if your use case is time-critical, you can buy real-time Web Data APIs, feeds and streams to download the most up-to-date intelligence.

What are similar data types to Web Data?

Web Data is similar to Environmental Data, B2B Data, Energy Data, Real Estate Data, and Geospatial Data. These data categories are commonly used for Machine Learning (ML) and Analytics.

What are the most common use cases for Web Data?

The top use cases for Web Data are Machine Learning (ML), Analytics, and Web Traffic Analytics.