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Market intelligence examines a company’s market; trends, competitors, and customers. A data driven approach gives companies access to global industry benchmarks at scale and helps identify market opportunities.
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170 countries covered
10 years of historical data
Surgical Gateway tracks surgical procedure volumes and surgical device usage at customer segment level through its two product solutions, Size & Share Plus &...
1M records
95% Data accuracy
249 countries covered
Competitive pricing is the most important factor in buying decision of a customer. Dataweave's SaaS platform provides indepth analysis of competitor price an...
249 countries covered
6 years of historical data
Market Intelligence allows you to confirm demand for your product, analyze the technology spend, installations, vendor penetration, trends and opportunities ...
85% Number of labs screened, surveyed and interviewed in detail per country
170 countries covered
14 years of historical data
IVD Gateway tracks IVD segment value size and comprehensive international and domestic suppliers’ brand share through its two product solutions, Size & Share...
5M records
95% accuracy
240 countries covered
Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product assortment and plug the gaps in your product portfolio with the latest trending products.
10K Sources Monitored
95% Signal Relevance
2 countries covered
Get the latest curated news signals about your interested companies - customers, clients, portfolios, prospects, competitors, partners, and suppliers. Power... - Global Database profile banner
Global Database
Based in United Kingdom
Global Database
Global Database is the world leader in Company Intelligence for 34 industry verticals and 195 countries worldwide.
66 Million
Direct Contacts
80 Million
Company Profiles
Countries Covered - InfoTrie profile banner
Based in Singapore
We are a Big Data, Financial Engineering and News Analytics company headquartered in Singapore and offices in India and Europe. Our cutting edge algorithms t...
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Predik Data-driven
Based in USA
Predik Data-driven
We are experts in the collection, extraction, management and analysis of large volumes of all types of data, from alternative and complex sources to traditio...
Updated & consistent
Latam, US, Asia Markets
Strict & precise controls
Prosper Insights & Analytics
Based in USA
Prosper Insights & Analytics
Prosper Insights & Analytics is a global leader in “consumer intent” data serving the financial services, marketing technology, and retail industries. We pro... - MarketCheck profile banner
Based in USA
MarketCheck has the largest database for automotive data. Marketcheck provides inventory feeds, market research data, build spec data, recall data, and m... - TVEyes profile banner
Based in USA
Global video and audio intelligence for data-driven decision makers
27 countries