Market Intelligence

Market intelligence examines a company’s market; trends, competitors, and customers. A data driven approach gives companies access to global industry benchmarks at scale and helps identify market opportunities.
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Our Data Partners
1M records
100% estimation coverage
4 countries covered
Total addressable market analysis of eCommerce companies
75K companies
2 countries covered
Photon Commerce tracks over 75,000 eCommerce brands, CPGs, merchants, distributors, wholesalers, fulfillment, and logistics companies for their sales, market...
Corporate Bulk Data
by Global Database
Collect full company details an know the market to stay competitive
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Based in USA
BBIGDBM provides software development on top of highly accurate Big Data.
1 Billion
Online & Offline Identifiers
Identity Resolution Graph
Data Market
Based in USA
We track over 2 million eCommerce and D2C brands. Our data set covers 70 business attributes and consumer perception attributes about these companies. We are...
eCommerce Company Data
Global Database
Based in United Kingdom
Global Database is the world leader in Company Intelligence for 34 industry verticals and 195 countries worldwide.
66 Million
Direct Contacts
80 Million
Company Profiles
Countries Covered
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